Critter Corner: More than Half of Adults are Unprepared, Confused, and Anxious about Long-Term Care

Dear Angel, I follow Mr. Farr’s newsletter and understand the need to plan in advance for long-term care, since it’s only getting more expensive. Others I know do not see this as a priority. Is the lack of preparation in … [Read more...]

Will My Mother Face Financial Ruin Paying for a Nursing Home? 

Q. My mother has Parkinson’s, and it is progressively getting more difficult for her to do things on her own. She has fallen several times and is having trouble swallowing. We have an aide who comes to help her, but this level of … [Read more...]

Baby Boomers Face Spike in Homelessness — How to Prepare so It Never Happens to You!

Q. I read in The Washington Post that a quarter of a million baby boomers in the US are estimated by the government to be homeless. That seems like a lot of seniors who don’t have a place to live and likely can’t afford food to … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: New Study Shows 80% of Seniors Can’t Afford Two Years of Long-Term Care 

Dear Angel,  I just read that today’s 65-year-old can expect to live at least another 20 years, according to the Social Security Administration! That kind of longevity is definitely a blessing, but given what everything costs … [Read more...]

Can You Reside with a Loved One in a Long-Term Care Facility when Your Health Situations Are Different?

Q. My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They are one of those happy couples who spend every waking moment together and are still as much in love as the day they met.  My mother has memory issues that are … [Read more...]

Retiree Confidence Is the Lowest in 15 Years! How You Can Plan Ahead for Retirement and Long-Term Care

About 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, and though everyone's financial situation is different, that means that millions of people are getting ready to retire each year. But according to a recent survey, many are not confident … [Read more...]

Why Did the OPM Suspend Its Long-Term Care Insurance Program for Two Years? 

Seventy percent of people will need long-term care during their lifetime, and it’s catastrophically expensive! If you like to plan in advance, you may have considered long-term care (LTC) insurance as an option, and if you work … [Read more...]

Tougher Scrutiny and Federal Penalties Being Planned for Failing Nursing Homes

Q. Last year, during his State of the Union address, President Biden discussed a major overhaul of nursing home quality, including minimum staffing levels and steps to beef up inspections. Since then, I haven’t heard about any of … [Read more...]

Medicare Advantage Plans May Shorten Stays to Less Time than Original Medicare Covers

A common question among many of our readers is whether Medicare covers long-term care. Medicare does not cover any type of long-term care, whether in nursing homes, assisted living communities, or your own home. Medicare does, … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: It’s Long-Term Care Planning Month!

Dear Angel, I heard somewhere that October is Long-Term Care Planning Month. My husband and I are nowhere near the need for long-term care services, as far as we know. Yet, I heard it’s never too early to plan. How and when do … [Read more...]

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