Unprecedented Caregiver Fatigue in America — Do You Suffer from Caregiver Burnout?

Q. This past year, my mother, who has dementia, moved into our house and I became her caregiver. I also work full-time from home and have two children of my own. Recently, I am feeling very anxious and stressed out, like I’m going … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Managing Stress and Anger as a Caregiver

Dear Angel, I’ve been a caregiver for my mother for a few years and I experience feelings of anger inside sometimes. I feel guilty for having these emotions, but sometimes I just want to bury my head in a pillow and scream. … [Read more...]

Caring for the Pet of a Loved One When They Can No Longer Do So Themselves

When Melissa's father died and her mother moved into a nursing home, Melissa adopted her parent’s poodle, Margot. During the three-hour drive to her house from where her mother was staying, Margot was shaking and afraid. Melissa … [Read more...]

How Can Patient Advocates Help on Your Health Care Journey?

Q. I recently came across a Next Avenue article where a 72-year-old woman was told she had a benign brain tumor and needed surgery. The surgery was supposed to be simple, and the family was told she’d recover quickly, but things … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Do You Effectively Advocate for Yourself in the Hospital?

Dear Hayek, My father is undergoing treatments in the hospital. He depends on me when I am there, but I can’t be around as often as I would like to be because of my job. My father still has his wits about him, but he is … [Read more...]

Cognitive Testing Doesn’t Have to Cost Thousands — AARP Offers Free New Option

Many don’t realize that the brain is continuously changing and developing across our life span. This doesn’t just happen when we’re young. Some cognitive functions become weaker with age, while others actually … [Read more...]

Are Transfer on Death Deeds a Good Alternative to Estate Planning?

Q. I was recently discussing with my husband what would happen to our house in Annandale, Virginia when we are no longer around, especially since we don’t have our estate planning in place yet. One my friends’ parents recently … [Read more...]

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