Consumer Protection Week: Record Losses of $10 Billion Due to Scams Were Reported to the FTC Last Year!

Q. You have always been so helpful in educating your readers about senior scams. Unfortunately, I recently read somewhere that there are some new scams on the horizon, including those involving hacking, identity theft, and … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Protecting Veterans from Being Scammed

Dear Angel,I heard that Veterans are being targeted with certain scams. My mother is a Veteran, and I want to protect her from them. Can you provide more information on the most prevalent scams targeting Veterans, so I can … [Read more...]

Scammers Are More Sophisticated than Ever — Be Vigilant about the New AI Voice Scam

Q. I heard about a new type of “emergency scam,” where scammers are using artificial intelligence to mimic voices and scam loved ones into sending money. How do these scams work, and what can I do to stop something like this from … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How to Get Alerts When Your Personal Information Appears Online

Dear Hayek,Recently, I’ve read several news stories about an uptick in identity theft and other scams where scammers can get your personal information online and use it against you in trying to perpetrate a scam. Is there any … [Read more...]

Medical Identity Theft — Someone Could Steal Your Medical Records, and You Will Be Billed for Their Care!

Q. I read your recent article about a Navy veteran in Northern Virginia who was defrauded out of several million dollars, and the banks did nothing to stop it. Thanks for sharing that and for making us aware that this type of … [Read more...]

Virginia Veteran Scammed Out of Millions of Dollars, and the Banks Did Nothing to Stop It

Q. I heard about a veteran who was scammed out of millions of dollars in Virginia before he passed away. The banks allowed dozens of huge wire transfers to go through to banks in Thailand without question. The man was very careful … [Read more...]

Deed Fraud May Be on the Rise – Learn How to Spot if You’re a Victim of House Theft

Q. I have owned my home for 20 years and am well on my way to paying off my mortgage. I have enough money to make my monthly payments, buy groceries, pay utility bills, and save a little for retirement. The same was true for my … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: It’s International Fraud Awareness Week— Things to Know!

Dear Oakley,Senior fraud seems to be on the rise. I have had several friends who have been affected by it, unfortunately. I understand that it is International Fraud Awareness Week. What are some common types of fraud I should … [Read more...]

Deed Scams and Title Scams – Protect Your Senior Loved Ones

Q. My brother, Alexander, recently transferred his residence to a Living Trust Plus®.  Shortly after, he received a "Deed Processing Notice" in the mail that looks a lot like an official government bill.  It indicated that he and … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Can Seniors Protect Themselves from Becoming Victims of Fraud

Dear Hayek,My mother lives alone and is very trusting. She typically picks up the phone when it rings and has conversations with whoever is calling because she is lonely and loves to chat. I worry that she could easily fall … [Read more...]

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