Critter Corner: Can I Get a “Do-Over” When it Comes to Taking Social Security Benefits Too Early? 

Dear Raider,  I messed up and took my Social Security benefits too early. I realize my costly mistake and am wondering if there is such a thing as a mulligan or a “do-over” when it comes to Social Security benefits, and what my … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Protecting Veterans from Being Scammed

Dear Angel, I heard that Veterans are being targeted with certain scams. My mother is a Veteran, and I want to protect her from them. Can you provide more information on the most prevalent scams targeting Veterans, so I can … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Fast Does Alzheimer’s Typically Progress?  

Dear Kiwi and Mango,   My friend’s husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. They want to go do all of the items on his bucket list while he still has his wits about him. I’m wondering if you know how fast Alzheimer’s … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Could a Dog Dementia Cure Work in Humans?

Dear Hayek, I read that dogs can get dementia and that there are some successful treatments available. I find this to be fascinating. Could these same treatments that work in dogs possibly work in humans? Thanks for your … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Why Would an 18-Year-Old Need a Power of Attorney?

Dear Raider, A friend told me that when her son headed to college, they had a Power of Attorney drafted for him. Isn’t 18 way too young to think about these types of things? Why would an 18-year-old need a Power of Attorney or … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Do People See More of a Need for Estate Planning Due to Inflation? 

Dear Hayek,  Estate planning is very important, in my opinion. Inflation, however, has made many of us reconsider our priorities when it comes to our financial futures. Is there any correlation to inflation and people seeing … [Read more...]

Critter Corner – Navigating Open Enrollment: Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Offers Three Helpful Resources

Dear Kiwi and Mango, Medicare Open Enrollment is right around the corner. Are there some helpful, reliable resources I can use to help make decisions about coverage? Thanks for your help! Dee Tales -- Dear … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: What Are Some Ways to Incorporate Charitable Giving into Your Estate Plan?

Dear Hayek, I want to include charitable giving in my estate plan, since I have some causes that I am passionate about and heard it is a good way to reduce taxes. What are some ways that I can do so? Thanks for your … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How to Get Alerts When Your Personal Information Appears Online

Dear Hayek, Recently, I’ve read several news stories about an uptick in identity theft and other scams where scammers can get your personal information online and use it against you in trying to perpetrate a scam. Is there any … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Getting Started with Downsizing and Decluttering

Dear Angel, My sister recently retired and upsized to buy her dream home. She’s thrilled to have the space she felt her home lacked before and was glad not to have to get rid of too much stuff. (She has many collections she … [Read more...]

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