Critter Corner: Are Swearing, Bad Parking, and Being Overly Generous Signs of Alzheimer’s?

Dear Angel, I heard recently that swearing, bad parking, and being overly generous, among other things, are all possible signs of Alzheimer’s. This is particularly scary, because my husband and I do all these things sometimes. … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: When Father’s Day Isn’t a Joyful Occasion

Dear Oakley, When I flip through Facebook, walk into the greeting card aisle at the store, or turn on the TV, I see advertisements and cards for a happy Father’s Day. I lost my dad a few years ago and my husband and dad of our … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: What Is Included in a Care Plan?

Dear Angel, I read somewhere that federal law requires every nursing home to create a care plan. What is included in a care plan, and shouldn’t it be something that is created before a loved one enters a nursing home? Thanks … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Tips for Seniors on Coping with Inflation

Dear Angel, Everything is so expensive these days. It seems like most items in the grocery store are up by at least 10% in price, and gas seems to have gone up 30% or more. As someone who lives on Social Security, I’m having … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Study Shows That People Who Care for Others Live Longer

Dear Hayek, A friend told me that caregiving helps you live longer. If that’s the case, I will hopefully live a very long time. I raised five children, care for my grandchildren several times a week, and I am a caregiver for my … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Check in on Aging Parents This Mother’s Day

Dear Oakley, Its Mother’s Day this Sunday! Due to COVID resurging a bit and my mother living five hours away, I haven’t seen her in a long time. We miss her and asked if we can stop by and visit this weekend, and she said … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Overlooked Risk Factors of Dementia

Dear Angel, I often read about new risk factors for dementia. One of them I recently read about was lack of motivation. What are some of the other overlooked risk factors for dementia? Is there any new research on mitigating … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How to Observe National Month of Hope

Dear Oakley, I have always been an optimist. I just found out that April is National Month of Hope. What is it all about, and what are some things I can do to celebrate this special month? Thanks for your help! Hope N … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Leaving a Legacy and Tips for a Family Discussion

Dear Oakley, I have heard people speaking of leaving a legacy for their loved ones for when they die. The few times I’ve brought it up, my family does not want to talk about death and changes the subject. What exactly is … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Project Lifesaver Programs for Loved Ones Who Wander

Dear Oakley, My grandmother, Shirley, will be moving in with us. She has dementia and has been known to wander outside the home. Are there any programs in the DC area to help people like her? Thanks for your help! Wanda … [Read more...]

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