Meet the Critter Corner Team!

Angel the Cat

Angel joined the firm in 2015 when Saki and Alley retired from the fast-paced world of Elder Law to the domestic tranquility of Evan and Jeannie’s home in the suburbs, and eventually they sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. Angel knew she had some big shoes to fill to replace the popular Siamese brother and sister act, but this stunning young tortoiseshell was up for the challenge. She attended the prestigious Panthera Leo Persica University where she majored in Shedding and Shredding and minored in Feline Hospitality. She enjoys long runs down the hall and cabinet climbing. Her favorite games are conceal-the-paperwork and pet-me-now. Be sure to say hello to Angel next time you’re in the office!

Bebe the Cat
BeBe is an 18-year-old cat that Evan and Jeannie Farr adopted from the Fairfax County animal shelter in 2011. He is a loving lap cat who gets along with all people and all animals. When not in the office, he can be mostly found cuddling in Evan or Jeannie’s lap or snuggling next to them on their couch at home.

Hayek the Dog

Bio coming soon




Magic the Bunny
Magic is a three-year old mixed-breed rabbit adopted from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter where he gained experience as a small-pet educator. Although he was adored by staff, volunteers and the many children he taught, he felt his true calling was to be a greeter and counselor of clients at the Farr Law Firm, and a co-author of the Critter Corner blog with his pal, Angel. His writing and ministrations are geared toward letting clients know that they can prevail through difficult times when a special some-bunny is there to guide them through the rabbit hole of Medicaid.

Ernie and Janette the Frogs
Ernie and Jannette, two African Dwarf Frogs, have been on the staff of Critter Corner for years. One Christmas, Jeannie’s secret santa kindly purchased them for her desk. They are excited about the opportunity to answer your questions! Come visit them next time you are in the office!