Meet the Critter Corner Team!


Angel joined the firm in 2015 when Saki and Alley retired from the fast-paced world of Elder Law to the domestic tranquility of Evan and Jeannie’s home in the suburbs, and eventually they sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. Angel knew she had some big shoes to fill to replace the popular Siamese brother and sister act, but this stunning young tortoiseshell was up for the challenge. She attended the prestigious Panthera Leo Persica University where she majored in Shedding and Shredding and minored in Feline Hospitality. She enjoys long runs down the hall and cabinet climbing. Her favorite games are conceal-the-paperwork and pet-me-now. Be sure to say hello to Angel next time you’re in the office!


Hayek the dog joined the team of talented writers in late 2018 when his guardian, Sierra Kolasa of the Client Services team, started bringing him to the office regularly. Hayek, believed to be a mix of a Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier, is a sweet, gentle, and loving pet who greatly enjoys greeting clients, who always enjoy his elegant appearance and affections. Hayek can be found sleeping under Sierra’s desk or in the conference room learning the nuances of Medicaid planning or other exciting topics to share with our readers. If you see Hayek in the office, give him a pat, and you’re guaranteed to get a tail wag and lots of love in return!


Raider joined the our Critter Corner team in 2022, after being adopted by paralegal Tim and his wife, Bethany. Raider is a mix of a German Shepherd and Coonhound, and is extremely sweet and friendly to everyone he meets! Named after the Las Vegas Raiders for his fur coloring, Raider loves watching football and hanging out with his family! When he’s in the office, he mostly loves snoozing under Tim’s desk where he can learn about Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Medicaid! He does love meeting new people, so you may also find him bouncing around the entire office, helping to ensure all our staff and clients get their daily dose of furry cuteness!

Kiwi and Mango

Kiwi and Mango are two sunsky conures from the same clutch (mom is a sun conure and dad is a dusky conure). They belong to Emma Eder, daughter of our marketing director, Renee Eder. They enjoy time outside the cage with family, snacking on banana chips and various fresh fruits, and taking leisurely bird baths. Mango is a bit of a gymnast and can do flips on command. Kiwi is more introverted and enjoys occasional alone time in her nest. Their favorite time though is any time they are together!

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