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Client Reviews

My mother was enduring late stage Alzheimer’s dementia. She had reached the place where I could no longer care for her at home. (I still work full time.) Her income was limited to Social Security and a tiny pension. Certainly not enough to pay for a long-term care facility.
Mr. Farr and his staff provided me with the exact information and strategies needed to have Mama approved for Medicaid. I could not have done it without their knowledge and expertise. Mama spent her last months in a wonderful local long-term care facility.
I highly recommend Mr. Farr if you need any elder law or estate planning services. He and his team are professional, practical and personable. Go there. It’s worth every penny.
Kris Barber
Alexandria Va

Kris Barber
Alexandria VA

We recently needed to set up a meeting with Mr. Farr to discuss financial planning options for long-term health care. We worked with several members of the team in the process. Daniel Bonner was very responsive and professional and quickly facilitated setting up an appointment and providing other administrative details. He also was the connection to Jeannie Farr to provide background on our upcoming meeting. Jeannie reached out promptly and we had a very helpful preliminary discussion. Documentation transfers to prepare for the meeting were handled by Debbie Mitchell and Sierra Kolasa, both of whom were professional, very efficient, and patient during this process.

We value Mr. Farr not only for his deep expertise but also his willingness to speak about difficult challenges directly and clearly, grounded in his experience. In discussing planning options, Mr. Farr listened carefully to our particular situation and concerns. He provided perspective, a candid assessment and additional issues to consider as we move forward. This clarified our planning greatly. He also provided us with several links to additional resources for further information that proved very helpful.

Thank you for having such a professional team and specialized services. We will highly recommend your firm to any friends that are in need of such services.


Bruce & Lili
Fairfax, VA

Originally we chose Evan Farr and his law firm based on his clients' reviews. Our initial appointment with Evan only confirmed all the excellent reviews we have read. Three specific qualities set Evan apart from other attorneys practicing Elder Law: his vast knowledge, excellent listening skills and offering of continuous education for his many clients. We much appreciated Evan's help in navigating the complex and stressful process of setting up our legal documents. We also appreciate Sara Entis' efforts to finalize this task. In addition, we want to mention Sierra's willingness to help every time we needed assistance. Our entire experience only proved that choosing Evan and his firm was the right decision. We highly recommend Evan and his firm to everyone.

Mr. & Mrs. F.
Purcellville, VA

Last year we had a consultation with Mr. Farr about setting up a trust to protect my parents’ assets and for Medicaid help if they needed it. After we explained my parents’ situation, Mr. Farr provided us with a plan. We were so impressed with his explanation of the plan, we decided to move forward with the trust that day. We ended up with the "Living Trust Plus Total Protection Trust".

It's been almost a year now since the trust has been established. I am confident now that we selected the correct firm and correct plan.

After the trust was established, I had many questions, some very simple questions but they answered all of them with kindness and patience. I just can't thank Mr. Farr and his team enough for helping my family. We are truly grateful. My parents are not wealthy and do not have much assets but they have treated us like we did.

Thank you very much Mr. Evan Farr, Ms. Jeannie Farr, Ms. Alicia Truitt, and Ms. Sierra Kolasa.

Song Family
Lorton, VA

I am grateful to Evan and his team for their work on reversing the denial of my son's Medicaid case. I was pleased with their knowledge and expertise of what was needed to successfully handle my case. The fact that I had legal counsel representation made a huge difference in how Medicaid handled the final decision of our case. Connie was wonderful and very thorough and she and Evan kept the case moving expeditiously. I am so pleased with the outcome of this case for my son! I am also going to be working with Evan and his staff on getting legal guardianship for my son. I highly recommend the Farr Law Firm.

Mina Larson
Alexandria, VA

I do not have a Google account, Facebook or other social media account as a preference. I would however like to give you a well earned positive review. I started working with the firm just as the virus shutdown was beginning yet your staff communications persevered and provided me with the documents I needed during a very novel environment. Thank you.

J. M. Lawson
Fredericksburg, VA

The Farr Law Firm's expertise, solid competence, and guidance led us out of our struggle with long-term care. They were able to help us find financial security and excellent care. Evan and his staff are extraordinary and amazing people who are dedicated to changing lives for the best. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough for the life-changing results they have made possible for us. God bless these unique and caring experts. Check out their website.

Karen Aiken

I highly recommend the Farr Law Firm and it's comprehensive topical blog / newsletter.

Their detailed blogs point out the critical considerations for acutely important matters!

The firm is as professional as it gets. They were crucial to the successful generation
of my parent's trusts & respective executions.

Alan Stephenson
Vancouver, WA

I cannot thank Mr. Farr and his staff enough for their excellent job assisting me manage my mother's assets. He and his staff have been responsive, caring and supportive. We started working with Mr. Farr and his staff seven years ago when my mother was still in her own home. They were and continue to be knowledgeable and efficient. Everything we did was planned for her continuing care in the state of VA. When my mother decided she wanted to come "home" to the state of PA, Mr. Farr and his staff continued to support and help us in any way they could, including securing Veterans benefits for my mother when necessary. When we needed legal counsel in PA, he directed us to a wonderful elder care attorney here who is just as knowledgeable and supportive as Mr. Farr and his staff. I cannot thank them enough. My mother is currently in a skilled care facility and will be 96 this month! She is planning on living to 100 and with Mr. Farr and his staffs help will be able to so comfortably, receiving all the benefits she needs and is entitled too.

Deborah S.
Lancaster, PA

Thank you Mr. Farr and big thanks to everyone there at the firm. There were some tough days and some of your staff saw us at the worse time but they always seen to brighten the day and even if the day wasn't brighter they made us feel better. I cannot begin to name everyone for fear of leaving someone out but please pass along our thanks and appreciation to each and every one on them because they were all special and left a ever lasting impression on us.

Carl, Pat and Granny
Dillwyn, Virginia

I hired Evan Farr in December 2016 to get my husband on Medicaid. Ours was an incredibly complex and unusual case that required a LOT of extra work for him and his team, and I am certain that his firm lost money handling our case because he charges a flat fee rather than billing hourly. The whole Medicaid process was full of twists and turns and many unexpected developments for me and for his team, and at each step of this tortuous 13-month journey, I sent up a prayer of thanks to God that Evan and his team were my guides and advocates. There is absolutely no way on earth that I could have successfully navigated Medicaid's byzantine requirements without them. Throughout the process, Evan and his team were amazingly responsive (e-mails were almost always answered within 24 hours; their responses to my relentless barrage of questions came early in the morning, late at night and on the weekends); unfailingly kind, helpful, encouraging and understanding; and never let on that my unexpectedly complex and long-and-drawn out case was a burden to them (as I'm sure it must have been). Because of them and their wise counsel, I was able to remain confident that we would ultimately get my husband approved for Medicaid, even though we encountered so many problems along the way and even though the process took far longer than anyone anticipated. Not only was I impressed again and again with how they went "above and beyond", it quickly became clear that Evan and his team truly *care* about their clients and are motivated by a deep-seated passion to improve the lives of their clients. He and his team are generous in every way: generous with their time and knowledge, and generous in spirit. For anyone who is in need of any of the services that the Evan Farr Law Firm provides, I can say with no equivocation whatsoever that the only mistake you could make is to *not* hire him. He truly is the most amazing lawyer ever!

Charlene Fu

Best law firm in Virginia.
Available anytime I need them.
Extremely helpful and gets every job done that I need.
Always friendly, personable, and real-down to earth.
They never talk over my head

I would recommend this group of lawyers to anyone.

Penny Smith
Fredericksburg VA

The Farr Law firm was an answer to my prayers when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's related dementia. Mr. Evan Farr and his staff were all extremely kind, informative, competent, and responsive.

Sharon Johnson
Fredericksburg, VA

I am in my late 30’s and my husband just turned 40. He didn’t think we needed estate planning at our age. After learning about what would happen if we didn’t plan (i.e. probate, our children going to a foster home, etc.), we knew the time was right. Evan and Jeannie are so lovely and welcoming. We loved the pets in the office too. The cats and bunny are cuddly and adorable, and petting them put my husband at ease. You just get a warm feeling when you go to the office. Evan is really knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We felt at ease the moment we entered his office and peace of mind as soon as we left. We cannot recommend the Farr Law Firm enough, and I hope others do their estate planning early, like we did. It is an incredible weight lifted that our children will be provided for and cared for by the loved one of our choice. Also, should something happen to us (such as if one of us became incapacitated) our family will be completely aware of our desires. Thank you Evan and Jeannie.

R and M, (Springfield, VA)

I want to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful experience it was having the Evan Farr Law Firm handle the execution of a new Revocable Trust for me. I first met with Evan Farr for an hour, where he listened to what I wanted to do, and then suggested how the new Revocable Trust should be drafted to accomplish what I wanted. I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable Evan was about Trusts and Estate Planning, and after I left that first meeting, I knew he was someone I could trust to get the numerous documents, to include a new medical directive and revocable trust. Jeannie Farr, his administrative assistant, was very professional, helpful, and kind, as I made subsequent appointments, and enabled me to speak with Evan as I was making decisions about the drafting of my documents. Eventually, I was introduced to Justin Cohee, who is Evan's primary attorney that handles and helps to draft the documents for estate planning, trusts, and elder law matters. Justin is just like Evan, in that he is very knowledgeable, smart, and experienced in actually drafting my Revocable Trust and other documents for me to sign. I would say that Justin was easy and pleasant to work with, and he was very, very patient, as I made changes to the documents before I signed them. Finally, let me say, that the Evan Farr Law firm provides 2 free years of a card and service called DocuBank. This is an amazing addition which is included in the overall charge for their legal services. Oh, I lest I forget, the nicest thing in dealing with Evan Farr and his team, is that the cost is a flat rate, and he is not nickel and diming his clients for their services, and any changes to the documents within one year are done without additional charges. Kudos to the Evan, Jeannie and Justin-they made what would or could have been a stressful experience, extremely pleasant. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Bob Marinaro
Ashburn, VA

Evan is an extraordinary and amazing attorney. I met him originally as a neighbor, but he has now handled several legal and personal matters for me, including all my Estate Planning documents and my Medicaid Asset Protection trust. I trust him completely and unconditionally and highly recommend him and his firm to everyone. Besides being a phenomenal attorney, he is also an extremely kind and compassionate person and friend. Evan has a huge heart and a brain to match!

Annie Jackson
Lorton, VA

The Health Care system for the aged in the United States is a maze of details, legalisms, and contradictions put together by the congress as result of compromises with special interest groups in Washington.

For individuals who are not trained in these complexities, it can be harrowing and even dangerous to their financial security. When I brought my parents out here ten years ago, we hired the Farr Law Firm on a life time retainer to take care of us.

Over the ensuing years, Evan Farr issued precise directions on keeping records, transfers, what to do and not to do within the system, and gave careful advice that provided peace of mind and saved us thousands of dollars in the end.

My parents were proud and independent people that were pillars in their community. But like so many others, they had outlived their money when they reached their nineties. Thanks to the preparation beforehand, however, they were able to survive with excellent care and dignity until the end of their lives. This was in great part because of the prudent advice of the Farr Law Firm.

At the end of my mother’s life, Karen Simpson, the paralegal was particularly great, even coming to my mother’s wake, which I greatly appreciated. The Farr Law Firm really stuck with me and my family throughout and after.

John Robilette (Fairfax, VA)

“From the initial meetings with Mr. Evan Farr and Mrs. Jeannie Farr to the subsequent discussions and meetings with Ms. Grace Everitt, the Farr Law Firm lived up to its first class reputation and very high expectations of providing timely and quality services to its customers. Our mother is now in a safe, positive and secure environment. Her situation was unique and required a bit more effort and attention to detail but the Farr Law Firm stepped up to the plate. Our mother lived her entire life in Germany and only recently came to live her final years in this country to be near her sons; however, her pension was from multiple sources in Germany. This complicated matters, especially for the Medicaid application, but the Farr Law Firm stepped up to the plate and successfully communicated with the German sources despite the language barrier and hit a home run. Our mother’s Medicaid application was submitted and approved in circa 90 days. A big Thank You to Evan and Jeannie and a special Thank You to Ms. Grace Everitt. She met the challenge with a huge smile from the get-go and we always knew we were in good hands. Danke schon Grace!”

The Grabulis Brothers (Alexandria, VA)

In October 2012 my wife became ill and was admitted to the hospital. She was bedridden and couldn’t care for herself. She was moved to a nursing/rehab center on Nov 1, 2012. I was looking at a magazine in December and noticed an advertisement for the Farr Law firm that discussed elder care and the cost of full time care. At that time it looked like my wife would have to stay at the center for an extended period of time. I discussed the article with my children and we made an appointment with your firm. You spent over an hour with us and indicated actions that could be taken to protect the limited assets we had while getting my wife qualified for medicaid.

I really didn’t see how that could be accomplished but the kids thought we should take the step and retain your firm to assist us. During the next month we worked closely with Ms. Grace Everitt to document our family finances. She suggested several actions we should take to separate our assets. Ms. Everitt made contact with the medicaid office and completed the very extensive medicaid application. Just before my wife’s medicare coverage expired she was able to return home but still required a lot of care. Ms. Everitt updated the medicaid application and my wife qualified for in-home medicaid coverage in April. She now has help coming to our home 6 days a week all covered by medicaid, with no loss of our family assets.

Without the help of you and Ms. Everitt , we would have exhausted our family assets before getting the aid my wife needed. As I told Ms. Everitt, I didn’t think it could be accomplished but you did it. It was one of the best decisions we ever made and money well spent. Thanks to Ms. Everitt and your firm, we still have our home, a few dollars still in the bank, and most importantly, my wife is able to be in our home with the help that she needs.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Gary Rogers (Herndon, VA)

To Justin Cohee- “Thank you SO MUCH for all of the work you put into reshaping and explaining the trusts that we signed today. I feel now that I can “die happy!”

I think you realize what a relief it is for me to have the trust set up in the way it is now. But, I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate your work. As I told you right from our first meeting, I have complete faith and confidence in your knowledge and work. You really “wowed” me with the amount of homework you had done prior to our first meeting and with every explanation and thorough and gentle guidance that you made during the entire process. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for all of your hard and detailed work.”

Debbie Jones (Fairfax, VA)

Dear Mr. Farr, Thank you very much for recommending Justin Cohee to me. From the first time we came to your office back in July when he gave us an umbrella to get to our car to today’s “signing ceremony,” he has been great. He answered all of our emails promptly, thoroughly, and cheerfully. This goes very far with an old lady like me.

Eleni Karazikas (Washington, DC)

To Everyone at The Farr Law Firm- Words can never truly express our gratitude for everything you have done for us! Your hard work and dedication on mom’s behalf means more to us than you’ll ever know. May God richly bless all of you!

The Wooster Family (Fairfax, VA)

Evan Farr and his firm have been a godsend to my family. He was so easy to speak with about hard family topics and helped up develop a plan.

We’ve been working with Grace Everitt for over a year and she has been a delight. She helped us in getting my mother into a nursing home and in getting mother enrolled in Medicaid.

We’ve had a multitude of difficult issues arise and, each time, Grace has been prompt in responding and smart in finding a solution to each issue. She has held our hands while we navigated this unknown terrain.

Her emails have been informative, yet friendly and comforting. You know she truly cares about the clients she is assisting and it comes through loud and clear. Anyone would be blessed to have her acting on their behalf – she’s very, very good!

Mary Keelin, (Burke, VA)

Thank you. We are so happy with all of the documents you prepared.

We are very grateful to you for your help getting our affairs in order. I reviewed them carefully and they were excellent.

Please use us as a reference to anyone who might want to check your service. I will tell them how warm and efficient you and your associates were. I am sleeping so much better now and have referred you to a friend. I hope he & his wife will contact you soon.

Your grateful clients,

Sue & Stephen Turchan (Burke, VA)

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service in preparing our Trust Agreement. I am sure we will need additional assistance with the funding. We will keep in touch. Thank you!

Zenobia and Huey Evans (Lorton, VA)

We cannot thank you and your staff enough for everything you’ve done for our family! When all the major medical stuff started for my parents 3 years ago I didn’t even KNOW about elder care attorneys! Now I talk about you to anyone I know in any situation where they could use your expertise! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and faithfulness! But most of all thank you for DEFENDING the elderly patients who can’t speak for themselves!

Ginni Wooster Rowland Gass, Tony Wooster, Michelle Rowland Dench, and William Wooster (Fairfax, VA)

Professional Reviews

Evan Farr, is, in my view, one of Virginia's foremost authorities on the subject of elder law... Use his website - get educated - then call him!

Ben Glass, Personal Injury Lawyer, Fairfax, VA

Evan Farr is one of the foremost authorities in elder law in the State of Virginia. He has a true passion for his clients and solid competence. He is a solid choice for any individual or family seeking his services.

Thomas Begley, Estate Planning Attorney in Mt. Laurel, NJ

Evan Farr's resources have been extremely valuable in helping me understand my client's needs. I appreciate his willingness to share his expertise with others in the legal community. I live in Oklahoma but have recommended him several times to friends in the DC area who were all very happy with his professionalism and legal services.

Brittany Littleton
Tulsa, OK

As an attorney I have been referring clients to Evan Farr for years. He is one of the most experienced attorneys in Virginia handling elder law and estate planning matters. I have also learned a lot from reading his books.

Jeffrey Downey
McLean, VA

Mr. Farr is a specialist in elder law work. I have worked with him. He is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He also has a newsletter which is extremely helpful. I suggest you subscribe!

Russell Glickman
n. Potomac

I have known Evan for years. He is truly a leader in the Elder Law community. He stays up to date and does a great job with his clients. If you can get in to see him, I definitely recommend you see him.

Todd Whatley
Bentonville, AR

The current newsletter is outstanding. You did a great job of handling a very difficult and controversial topic. I have always and continue to find you to be a great resource. Keep up the great work!

Miles Hurley
Atlanta, GA

Evan is a first-rate attorney and an authority on elder law. His generosity with his time is also remarkable. His contributions on long-term care planning to our site, the senior community as a whole, and the legal profession are invaluable.

Nick Lata
Elder Guide

Seminar Reviews

Good education . . . opened my mind to things I have been avoiding.

T.T., Fairfax, VA
M.C., Sterling, VA
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