Legal Treatises and Articles in Legal Journal Articles by Evan H. Farr

Treatises by Evan H. Farr

Using Trusts for Medicaid and Veteran’s Asset Protection Planning (Updated October 2019)

Drafting Trusts to Own Retirement Benefits (Updated October 2019)

Ethical Issues Surrounding Medicaid Planning (Updated August 2019)

Special Needs Trusts (Updated August 2019)

Trust Planning (Updated May 2019)

Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid (Updated March 2019)

The New VA Lookback and Net Worth Rules (March 2016)

Legal Journal Articles by Evan H. Farr

Practical Estate Planner Column in The Practical Lawyer

Understanding the Risks and Myths of Long-term Care (December 2020)

Updating Your Clients’ Advance Medical Directives in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic (June 2020)

The Morality of Medicaid Planning (February 2020)

The Ten Most Common Medicaid Myths (December 2019)

Common Misconceptions about Irrevocable Trusts (October 2019)

Trusts for Veterans Asset Protection Planning (August 2019)

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