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If you think your company or website would be a good fit with this blog, consider purchasing an ad on the blog. Anywhere you see an ad now is available for purchase. Your ad is shown on EVERY page of the blog — 2,134 posts as of April 16, 2024, with 3 new posts added every week!

Who can I reach with my ads?

The audience for this site is very broad — it consists of baby boomers looking for elder law information for themselves and/or their elderly parents, families looking for estate planning information, families with a child or other loved one who is disabled, and other estate planning and elder law attorneys throughout the country.

Current Stats (updated Nov. 6, 2015)

Google Page Rank 3
Average Session Duration: 2:51
Linked to by 816 other sites and Growing
Average Over 3,500 pageviews per month and Growing
Over 1,870 unique visitors per month and Growing
Over 3,500 Monthly Newsletter Subscribers and Growing

Do you allow anyone to advertise here?

No. We limit advertisers to companies that we do not hesitate to recommend to our clients and colleagues. We control all ad placements feel an ethical responsibility to our readers to not advertise for companies that are not aligned with our mission of helping the elderly and disabled community.

How much will it cost to advertise here?

The going rate for ads varies by location of ad and size of ad.  Please contact our Director of Public Relations, Renee Eder (, for current pricing information.

Ad Types

230 X 230 is the standard size, but we can run ads of any height, But 230 pixels is the maximum width.

How do I pay for ads?

We require a minimum of a 90 day placement for ads, and if paid in advance for the entire period, will guarantee your price for a placement for up to one year. As traffic to the site grows, we expect prices will be raised. We prefer a flat price rather than a pay-per-click arrangement as it makes both your expenses and our revenues predictable in advance. We accept payment here or by snail mail check, credit card, or via paypal using either your paypal account or a credit card of your choice.

What do I need to do?

Contact our Director of Public Relations, Renee Eder (, by email with your desired ad size and location for a quote. She’ll let you know our current rates and whether your company will be acceptable for our site.  Once we’ve accepted your company, we must also approve your ad — please send the ad in a common image format such as jpeg. We can also work with HTML ads. Once your ad is approved and paid for, your ad should be placed on the site by the end of the next business day.

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