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About Evan H Farr, CELA, CAP

Evan H. Farr is a 4-time Best-Selling author in the field of Elder Law and Estate Planning. In addition to being one of approximately 500 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Country, Evan is one of approximately 100 members of the Council of Advanced Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is a Charter Member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners.

Will My Estate Plan Be Followed as Intended?  

Q. I’m working on my estate planning documents and am putting lots of thought into them, especially what I want done with my ancestral home and my ancestral art collection. I have some very old and rare original artwork passed … [Read more...]

It’s September 26: Twenty-Six Things That Get Better as You Get Older

Many of us are over 40 and are therefore considered “middle-aged.” It is widely believed that aging is inevitably a process of cognitive and physical decline, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, not everything about getting … [Read more...]

How a Healthy Gut Relates to a Healthy Brain

Q. I heard that there’s a strong link between particular kinds of gut bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease. Is this true, and if so, how do I know if my gut is, in fact, healthy? If not, what changes can I make to improve it, and … [Read more...]

It’s National Falls Prevention Awareness Week – Here’s the Latest in Fall Prevention

Marianne, 78, has always led an active life. She enjoys riding her bike, doing yoga, walking on the beach, volunteering, and visiting with friends. Early one morning a few months ago, Marianne woke up and heard a noise, … [Read more...]

What Can You Do to Protect a Loved One Who Has Spending Problems?

Q. My son, Ronnie, has bipolar disorder, and he often doesn’t take his medication. When he is having a manic episode and his mood is elevated, he often partakes in impulsive and irrational spending. At the same time, my mother … [Read more...]

The Extraordinary Lengths People Will Go Through to Live Longer 

Life expectancy has gotten much higher over the last several decades. In certain locations known as Blue Zones located in parts of the world, including Greece and Japan, there are centenarians who garden, cook, sing, laugh, and … [Read more...]

Scammers Are More Sophisticated than Ever — Be Vigilant about the New AI Voice Scam

Q. I heard about a new type of “emergency scam,” where scammers are using artificial intelligence to mimic voices and scam loved ones into sending money. How do these scams work, and what can I do to stop something like this from … [Read more...]

Can Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Be Detected while You’re Asleep?

Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are both neurodegenerative diseases that currently don’t have a cure. For both diseases, great strides have been made in research, including recent findings using sleep patterns. … [Read more...]

Why Are Some Seniors Upsizing Rather than Downsizing in Retirement?

Q. My neighbors recently retired from work and put their house on the market. Their kids have all moved out, and it’s just them and their dog. At their retirement party, they showed us a picture of the house they were building. It … [Read more...]

How Longevity Science Is Slowing Diseases of Aging 

Former President Jimmy Carter has lived longer than 46 other presidents in more than 230 years. At 98 years old, Carter, the 39th president, has outlived George H. W. Bush by just under four years– something that seemed unlikely … [Read more...]

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