Critter Corner: Are a Prenuptial Agreement and a Postnuptial Agreement Essentially the Same Thing?

Dear Kiwi and Mango,My brother is getting re-married and is on the fence about a prenuptial agreement. My husband and I actually have a postnuptial agreement. Aren’t they essentially the same thing? Which is preferable? Can … [Read more...]

Speed of Speech, Rather Than Loss of Words, May Be an Early Indicator of Dementia

Years before they were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, subtle changes became apparent in the spoken and written words of public figures Ronald Reagan and Iris Murdoch. During non-scripted public speaking, the late President Reagan … [Read more...]

More Problems with Beneficiary Designations — Usually Beneficiary Designations Take Precedence Over Your Estate Planning Documents, But Sometimes They Don’t

Note: This article is Part 3 in a series on the Problems with Beneficiary Designations. Links for the prior two articles are below and at the bottom of this article.Please click here to read Part 1 and please click here to … [Read more...]

How Estate Planning Helps You and Your Caregiver

Dear Angel,I have Parkinson’s and need lots of care, and I know things are just going to get tougher. My sister is my caregiver who helps me full-time. I heard that getting my estate planning and long-term care planning in … [Read more...]

Technology Findings from AARP’s “2024 Tech Trends and Adults 50+”

Seniors are increasingly recognizing the role that technology can play in enabling a healthy life and improving well-being. A recent AARP study, titled “2024 Tech Trends and Adults 50+,” offers a wealth of findings about how … [Read more...]

Consumer Protection Week: Record Losses of $10 Billion Due to Scams Were Reported to the FTC Last Year!

Q. You have always been so helpful in educating your readers about senior scams. Unfortunately, I recently read somewhere that there are some new scams on the horizon, including those involving hacking, identity theft, and … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Beware of Tax Season Scams!

Dear Raider,A friend of mine told me that there has been an uptick in tax season scams, where identity thefts and refund thefts are taking place. What is this all about so we can stay vigilant?Thanks for your help!Rhee … [Read more...]

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