The Darker Side of Medicare Advantage Plans

Q. Last year, during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, my wife and I saw a commercial on television for a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan that sounded almost too good to be true. The company seemed reputable, so we took the claims … [Read more...]

Why Medicare Advantage Ads Look So Different This Fall

Q. I heard somewhere that Medicare Advantage companies are being held to a higher standard this year when it comes to their advertisements, many of which were misleading to consumers in the past. My mother fell for one of the ads … [Read more...]

What the New Enhanced Auditing of Medicare Advantage Means for You

Q. I remember reading in one of your articles this past fall that some of the largest Medicare Advantage insurers are submitting inflated bills and that it’s one of the reasons everything is so much more expensive for plan … [Read more...]

Customers Are Being Misled by Marketers into Signing Up for Certain Private Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans now enroll nearly half of all Medicare beneficiaries, but some consumers are being misled because of the aggressive marketing campaigns by certain Medicare Advantage plans, and because of the fact that the … [Read more...]

Now This Is SCARY! Medicare Advantage Is Submitting Inflated Bills to Make More Money, Totaling in the BILLIONS!

Q. I heard recently that most of the largest Medicare Advantage insurers are submitting inflated bills. Is this why everything has gotten so expensive for seniors enrolling in these plans? Also, what is being done about this? … [Read more...]

Medicare Advantage Plans May Shorten Stays to Less Time than Original Medicare Covers

A common question among many of our readers is whether Medicare covers long-term care. Medicare does not cover any type of long-term care, whether in nursing homes, assisted living communities, or your own home. Medicare does, … [Read more...]

Good News! Social Security and Medicare Outlook Is Better Than Projected Last Year

Q. Inflation seems to be having a huge effect on everything. From the price of food in grocery stores to the amount we are spending to fill our cars with gasoline, we’re all being affected in many ways. I’m concerned and afraid to … [Read more...]

An 11-Year Fight Ends in Right to Appeal Hospital Observation Status Classifications

Andrew Roney, 70, spent three days in a hospital for an intestinal infection, and to his surprise, he got hit with a bill of $5,000. He had Medicare Part A hospitalization coverage and assumed it would cover his hospital stay. The … [Read more...]

2022 Key Elder Law Dollar Amounts

Q. Every year, the Farr Law Firm releases the newest figures for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. I was wondering if they are available this year and if you can provide a summary of changes for these programs. Thanks for … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: What’s the Deal with the Donut Hole in 2022?

Dear Angel,   This year, the 2022 Medicare and You handbook didn’t include all the information regarding the Medicare Part D deductibles and the “Donut Hole.” What am I missing? Thanks for your help!   Missy … [Read more...]

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