New Federal Rule Sets Minimum Staffing Requirements for Nursing Homes — the Biggest Reform in Nursing Home Policy in Decades

A federal mandate that sets minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes was finalized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) last week. Three final rules were issued to “fulfill President Biden’s commitment to … [Read more...]

How Estate Planning Helps You and Your Caregiver

Dear Angel,I have Parkinson’s and need lots of care, and I know things are just going to get tougher. My sister is my caregiver who helps me full-time. I heard that getting my estate planning and long-term care planning in … [Read more...]

Are Transfer on Death Deeds a Good Alternative to Estate Planning?

Q. I was recently discussing with my husband what would happen to our house in Annandale, Virginia when we are no longer around, especially since we don’t have our estate planning in place yet. One my friends’ parents recently … [Read more...]

How Are Taxes Filed if One Spouse is on Medicaid and the Other Spouse Has an Irrevocable Trust? And Does Getting Social Security Change How Taxes Get Filed?

Q. Thank you again for working with our family last year to protect our parents' assets, get our father approved for nursing home Medicaid, and set up an irrevocable Living Trust Plus for our mother. Now that it's tax time, we … [Read more...]

Does the Corporate Transparency Act Apply to Trusts? 

Q. My wife and I recently acquired a rental property and are considering forming an LLC this year and exploring any other options, such as trusts. I heard that the Corporate Transparency Act went into effect on the first of the … [Read more...]

Retiree Confidence Is the Lowest in 15 Years! How You Can Plan Ahead for Retirement and Long-Term Care

About 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, and though everyone's financial situation is different, that means that millions of people are getting ready to retire each year. But according to a recent survey, many are not confident … [Read more...]

Using LLCs and Asset Protection Trusts for Asset Protection of Rental Property

Q. I own a rental property in Springfield, Virginia, that's just in my name. I heard the best way to protect my assets, should I be subject to a lawsuit, is by creating an LLC for my rental and deeding the house to the LLC. But I … [Read more...]

Your House Is NOT Protected from Medicaid

Q. My mom and dad built our family home in Arlington 35 years ago. It’s been remodeled twice and expanded to enlarge the kitchen and add a master bedroom suite. Our family still hosts frequent gatherings in the home for holidays … [Read more...]

Problems with Beneficiary Designations Part 2

Q. Last week, you wrote about why inheritance sometimes goes unclaimed, and how it’s a lot less likely when you have a trust in place. I read something about the downsides of beneficiary designations naming individuals and how … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Reverse Gifting

Q. My daughter started her own business and made some good investments with her money, and became very successful. She recently told me that she wanted to transfer assets to my name to assist me with my living expenses, but she … [Read more...]

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