What to Do When Your Loved One Becomes Violent Due to Dementia

When some think of dementia, they may think of it as a mental illness. Confusing the two occurs frequently as certain mental illnesses and dementia share many of the same symptoms, including difficulty concentrating, confusion, … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Help for Depression in Seniors During Mental Health Awareness Month

Dear Angel, I have been home since the Coronavirus pandemic began and still haven’t ventured out. Recently, I’ve been feeling sad and withdrawn. Things that used to interest me don’t anymore and I can’t sleep at night. Is this a … [Read more...]

Is There Such a Thing as an Advance Directive for Psychiatric Patients in Virginia, DC, or Maryland?

In his first year of his residency, Dr. David Nissan, a resident in psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital, worked under compassionate physicians who emphasized the importance of carefully explaining the risks and benefits … [Read more...]

Is Planned Suicide Different Than Dying with Dignity?

Q. My neighbor, Sam, is a ninety-year-old widower who has lived alone in his home for several years. His health has deteriorated over the past few months and he frequently comments about how much he misses his wife. His daughter … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: New Mental Health Bill Introduced in Congress

Dear Commander Bun Bun,I am a caregiver for my brother, who has schizophrenia. I heard something about a bill to help caregivers like myself and those with mental illnesses. Do you know anything about it, and if so, can you … [Read more...]

Discriminated Against for Having the “Wrong Type of Illness”

Long-term care services, whether provided in institutions or in the community, are essential to the well-being of many elderly and non-elderly people with limitations in performing daily activities. In the United States, in … [Read more...]

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