Can You Opt for Hospice Care Even if You Are Not Dying?

Erica Manfred, 80, suffers from lung cancer and COPD.  She lives alone, about 1,500 miles away from her only living relative – her daughter. Her friends are all older too, and have their own health concerns, so it would be a last … [Read more...]

Jimmy Carter Enters Hospice Care — What That Really Means!

Former US President Jimmy Carter, 98, is both the oldest living and longest-lived US president. Recently, after a series of short hospital stays, he announced that he will spend his remaining time at home with his family and … [Read more...]

Hospices Are Turning People Away

Q. My mother, Claire, has Parkinson’s and she’s at the point where she can no longer swallow and will need a feeding tube. She still lives at home with my father, who is having a hard time taking care of her. She has been … [Read more...]

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