NASA SmartWatch, Implanted Health Devices, and Other New Technology for Seniors

Is Grandpa going gadget-crazy? Not quite yet, but we are getting there. According to a recent Pew Research survey, the number of older adults using the internet and related tech devices is increasing, with 59% of seniors reporting … [Read more...]

Changes occur in way older bodies handle pharmaceuticals

At 83 years old, Martha still lived in her own home, and enjoyed working in her garden and canning peaches. It was becoming harder to motivate herself, to get up in the mornings and achieve the day's tasks. She disclosed to her … [Read more...]

Seniors can reduce frequency of falls by exercising to music, study finds

Image Courtesy of Pixomar / Music-based exercise programs may help Seniors improve balance and reduce frequency of falls, according to a report online that is expected to be published March 28, in Archives … [Read more...]

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