Critter Corner: Creating a Caregiver Team

Dear Saki and Alley, I am a caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer's. I am realizing that I cannot do this alone. Can you provide suggestions on how to create a caregiver team? Caryn Formom-Alone --- Dear Caryn, Taking a team … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Talking to an Estranged Sibling about a Mother’s Care

  Dear Ernie and Janette, My mother has late-stage dementia and no Power of Attorney or Advance Medical Directive in place. Unfortunately, I am estranged from my sister and we haven't spoken in years. We need to discuss plans … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Why Plan for Incapacity?

Dear Commander Bun Bun, I read a startling statistic that less than a third of the population has completed Incapacity Planning documents. Why don't people plan for incapacity and how can my family begin the process? Justin … [Read more...]

Siamese Cats Give Tips for Relieving Stress at Work

Critter Corner -- Featuring Saki and Alley Today we introduce our newest furry felines -- Siamese cats Saki and Alley.  Saki and Alley are nine years old, and belong to Jeannie Caldwell, Director of Client Services here at the … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Gidget Chirps In

Dear Gidget:  I just read a story in the latest National Geographic about how certain fats in the blood of a python help its organs to double in size after eating a big meal to facilitate digestion. Apparently, it’s a healthy … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Cold-Weather Tips

Brrrr! How about that cold snap that we Virginians had this week? It’s Chancellor here, reminding you to suit up your pups before you head out into the blustery weather. While some heavily furred dogs are well-suited to the cold … [Read more...]

Introducing Critter Corner!

This week, we’re introducing a new feature of our blog: "Critter Corner!" Those of you who receive our weekly newsletters will already be familiar with the voices of our many critters at the Farr Law Firm, and we decided to share … [Read more...]