Comparing Financial Powers of Attorney: Badly Drafted DIY vs. Well-Drafted Documents

Q. My husband is a handy DIYer, and it has saved us lots money, in many instances. Now, he is insisting on doing our Estate Planning documents, including our Wills and our Financial Powers of Attorney, on his own. I am glad he … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Can a Power of Attorney Protect You from Exploitation?

Dear Angel,I was recently listening to a true crime podcast and heard an alarming episode. A woman, Caroline, created a power of attorney for an older man, Charles, and moved into his California home. Charles died shortly … [Read more...]

Does Estate Planning Include Financial Planning, and Should Your Estate Planning Attorney Also Be a Financial Planner? 

When you go through the legal process of Estate Planning, this includes you deciding: (1) who you want to receive any real estate, savings/investments, tangible personal property, and other assets of yours after your death; (2) … [Read more...]

Getting Remarried? What to Discuss and Plan Before Walking Down the Aisle

Q. I have been a widower for six years and recently found love again. I asked her to marry me and she accepted. This is new to me, as I had been with my late wife for forty years and then on my own again until recently. What are … [Read more...]

When Should I Update My Power of Attorney?

Q. I’ve had a Power of Attorney in place for two decades now. I have moved since then and have had several life-changing events occur. I’m wondering in what instances should someone update their Power of Attorney? What happens if … [Read more...]

Why You Don’t Want a Springing Power of Attorney

Q. My sister recently discussed the topic of power of attorney with her family at a family meeting. She is planning to use an online service (which I know is a bad idea from one of your recent articles on this subject) and is … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Acting in My Sister’s Best Interest

Dear Angel,My sister named me as agent under her Financial Power of Attorney, and she recently had a massive stroke, so I need to step in and start managing her legal and financial affairs. She’s only 59 years old, so this was … [Read more...]

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