Jay Leno Files for Conservatorship Over His Wife’s Estate

TV icon Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis Leno, have been married for 43 years — and by all accounts they are still in love. Mavis, 77, suffers from dementia, and according to a recent court filing, she has been “progressively losing … [Read more...]

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Actress and NASA Volunteer, Is Embroiled in Complicated Conservatorship Situation

Earlier this year, Nichelle Nichols, 88, who played Lt. Uhura on the original “Star Trek,” starred in a highly acclaimed documentary, “Woman in Motion.” “Woman in Motion” told the story of Nichols' role in diversifying the … [Read more...]

How Conservatorship Can Lead to Abuse — UVA Law Professor Weighs In

Q. There has been so much coverage in the news about Britney Spears and her court-enforced conservatorship, and now I’m confused about conservatorships in general. I thought conservatorships are for people with severe cognitive … [Read more...]

When Loved Ones Aren’t Permitted to Visit

Peter Falk and his daughter, Catherine. (from dalje.com) Jane and Maria are sisters who haven't spoken in ten years due to a disagreement over their mother's care. Jane was a caregiver for her mother, Millie, and served as her … [Read more...]

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