Comparing a Typical Advance Medical Directive to the Farr Law Firm’s 4 Needs Advance Medical Directive®

Benjamin Franklin once said “(n)othing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Today (April 16) is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day for health care decision planning. And, in keeping with Franklin’s famous … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Can Seniors Make the Most of Financial Literacy Month?

Dear Angel,I just read that April is Financial Literacy Month. What are some things I should think about when it comes to Estate Planning and retirement planning this month? Thanks for your help!Fi Nanshill--Dear … [Read more...]

April Is Organ Donation Month: What You MUST Do if You Are Considering Organ Donation

Q. I have heard so many stories about organ donation, mostly positive. I’ve read about how many people need organs and how many lives just one person who is an organ and/or tissue donor can save. I think I may want to sign up, and … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Talking With a Loved One About Their Health Care Wishes in Advance

Dear Angel,I am planning on getting my incapacity planning documents in order soon and would like to talk to my brother about being my health care agent. What are some of the topics I should think about prior to getting the … [Read more...]

What You Can and Can’t Do With a Power of Attorney

Q. My brother, Larry, who never married or had any children, asked me to be an agent under his Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney. Before I accept, I’ve been reading about what my role would entail. I am also considering … [Read more...]

Does Morphine Hasten Death?

Q. My mother is 82 and has dementia. Her condition has gotten worse and hospice has been suggested. I have heard that hospice often involves administering morphine to the patient to make them more comfortable. Does morphine hasten … [Read more...]

95-year-old Becomes Oldest Organ Donor in US History

Cecil Lockhart was a 95-year-old veteran from West Virginia. He worked in the West Virginia coal mines for more than 50 years, and also served as a corporal in the United States Army during World War II. He was married to his … [Read more...]

Fast-Forward: PBS Helps Viewers Take Control of the Rest of Their Lives

Planning ahead can be difficult, daunting, and emotional. Many people put it off until it’s too late. Still, every day is a new opportunity to change that. In the film Fast-Forward, four millennials & their baby boomer parents … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: What Should I keep in Mind When it Comes to Incapacity Planning?

Dear Hayek,I am planning on doing my incapacity planning soon.  I always like to plan ahead for everything. What are the varied medical issues and methods of intervention that a person should keep in mind in order to be … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: When Dad Does Not Want a Feeding Tube

Dear Hayek,My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly ten years ago. His worsening condition and the coronavirus pandemic have prompted him to get his incapacity planning, estate planning, and long-term care planning in … [Read more...]

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