Critter Corner: How Do Seniors Use Devices to Age-in-Place?

Dear Angel, My father wants to age-in-place for as long as possible. He’s not sold on the idea of using assistive technologies, and frankly doesn’t know much about them. I am trying to get him to open up to the idea, for his … [Read more...]

AARP’s Health Benefits Navigator: A New Tool for Veterans and Caregivers

Dear Oakley, My father is a veteran and I am his caregiver. All of the benefit options seem really confusing.  Is there an easy place to review and obtain all the available healthcare benefits without all the confusion and … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Smithsonian Program Brings Art to Seniors with Dementia

Dear Angel, I am a caregiver for my mother, Carrie, who has dementia. She has always loved art and I have noticed that when she looks at a painting, she starts expressing herself. Are there any art programs in the area that I … [Read more...]

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