Critter Corner: What Are Some Holiday Gifts That My Grandparents Would Enjoy?

Dear Commander Bun Bun,

Every year, I find it hard to find gifts for my grandparents. I used to buy books for them, but their eyesight is declining. Do you have any suggestions you can share?


Chris Mass-Giffs


Dear Chris,

Grandparents are special and they play a major role in our lives, so they deserve thoughtful holiday gifts. This year, you can surprise them with the unexpected. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to make grandma and grandpa smile:

Custom neighborhood map coasters: Whether each of their kids lives in a different neighborhood or they’ve moved around over the years, this custom neighborhood map coaster set  is a unique way to reflect this family history.

•A place to pass on a unique family legacy: If Grandma or Grandpa is known for their advice and amazing stories, Legacy Stories offers a unique place to record these priceless messages.  If you’re a past or current client of ours, you can use the Legacy Stories computer program and app.

A family cookbook for secret recipes: This special cookbook not only allows grandparents to keep track of their family’s favorite recipes but also gives space for them to include photos, tips, and notes for future generations. Legacy Stories is also an ideal solution to preserve and share  heirloom recipes, as well as family traditions, legacy letters, poetry, wishes for the future, wisdom statements, and life lessons and values, and more. Learn more.

Silver USB cufflinks for the tech-savvy grandpa: This might be the coolest gadget that Pop has ever seen, and it might even blow his mind — silver USB cufflinks. You can’t get much fancier than that!

A classic home portrait: Because there’s no place like Grandma’s house . . . have her home (complete with holiday decor!) rendered as a custom illustration by artist Phil Thompson.

A world travel journal for grandparents who like to travel: they can chronicle their journeys near and far in this sophisticated World Travel Journal now, and they’re guaranteed to become a family heirloom later.  Legacy Stories is also a great place to record your exciting travels and capture memories that you can pass on to future generations.

An iPad Air 2 cover and keyboard for the connected grandparents: Take Grandma and Grandpa’s love of the iPad to the next level with an accessory that makes it even easier for them to use: an iPad keyboard and cover.
Hop this list is helpful and your grandparents enjoy their gifts, and that your family has a happy and healthy holiday!
Yours Truly,

Commander Bun Bun

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