Critter Corner: Preparing for Death on Social Media

Dear Commander Bun Bun,
I was recently on Facebook and noticed a friend who had passed away a few years ago still has an active account. Isn’t there anything family members and friends can do to memorialize a loved one on social media when he or she passes away? 
Faye Spook
Dear Faye,
A small company, by the name of DeadSocialhopes to change the way society thinks about and prepares for death online. They provide a variety of online tools, resources, and support mechanisms to help those who have lost a love one, including the following guides:
They also provide instructions for downloading your media& data from social networks:
Another helpful resource they provide is funeral-tech tutorials:
The advice on is helpful for what to do on social media if a loved one passes away. However, when it comes to estate planning advice (including advice about Wills and Trusts), you should consult with an experienced estate planning attorney, such as Evan Farr.
Hop this is helpful,
Commander Bun Bun
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