Protect Yourself from Being Scammed — Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Identity Theft Insurance, Forgery Insurance

Q. I have heard that identity theft and forgery theft have been more rampant than ever. I can’t imagine being the victim of either of these horrible crimes. Besides being vigilant (including reading your articles to learn how to … [Read more...]

Caregiver’s Convictions of Financial Exploitation and Credit Card Fraud Affirmed (Va. App.)

A.C. required 24-hour care due to a serious brain injury caused by West Nile virus and encephalitis. Raymeka White was employed by a caregiver service and placed in A.C.'s home. White made cash withdraws for her personal benefit … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Protecting My Mother from Scams

Dear Angel, I recently visited my 80-year old mother, who is in the early stages of dementia. I noticed boxes of items that were mailed to her, including tons of magazines about body building and deep sea fishing (both of which … [Read more...]

Medicaid Fraud Audit Targets Schizophrenia Drug

First, lawmakers in Utah expressed concern over the state’s Medicaid expenditures.  Then, Utah State health officials were asked to investigate and control alleged fraud.  Now, critics are questioning whether measures went too … [Read more...]

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