Should You Fear Doctrine of Necessaries Laws? Changes to Virginia’s Law Makes Them a Bit Less Scary 

“In sickness and in health” . . . these words are part of most wedding vows, and caring for our spouses when they fall ill, including when they become frail and elderly or suffer from dementia, is something most married couples … [Read more...]

Can a Friend or Cousin Get Sued if Someone Owes Money to a Nursing Home?

Q. Medical debt seems like a big issue these days, with myself and others I know struggling to pay medical bills. I heard that hospitals and nursing homes are suing more often to get their debts paid. Oddly, my friend in upstate … [Read more...]

Virginia Governor Vetoes Proposal to Repeal State’s Filial Responsibility Law

Q. My husband and I live in Virginia and are currently looking into options for long-term care for my mother, since she has dementia and it’s getting worse. I recently learned about Virginia’s filial responsibility law from … [Read more...]

Could you be on the Hook for Your Parent’s Nursing Home Bills in the DMV?

Q. My father, Jim, has had dementia for the past five years. As his condition is getting worse, we’re having trouble caring for him in our home, where he currently resides. I heard recently that if he goes into a nursing home and … [Read more...]

Maryland Repealed Filial Responsibility Laws. What’s Going on in Virginia?

---- Q. My mother has had dementia for the past three years. As her condition is getting worse, we’re having trouble caring for her at home. I heard recently that if she goes into a nursing home and she can’t pay, then the … [Read more...]

Are Filial Responsibility Laws Preempted by the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act?

In October 2010, Doris Pike was admitted to Corry Manor, a nursing home in Pennsylvania. At that time, her husband, Levere, signed an agreement with the facility, promising to use his wife's assets to pay for nursing home care … [Read more...]

If You Don’t Visit Your Parents, It Could Affect Your Credit Score

Imagine you were really busy with your job, your children, and your everyday life (which is the case for many of us!). Your parents are in their 80’s and, although you love them very much, you rarely get to visit them, let alone … [Read more...]

Mom Abused Me and is Not Indigent – Why Should I Have to Pay for Her Long-Term Care?

Filial Responsibility (by Michal Dziekan) Image Source: Wall Street Journal Dolly Eori, 90, of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, requires 24-hour care. She lives full-time with her son Joseph and suffers from cancer and … [Read more...]

Filial Responsibility

Q. I was on Avvo recently looking up "filial responsibility." I saw you answered a question where a husband sued his wife's children to pay him monthly for the care of their mother in a dementia unit, and they were ordered to pay … [Read more...]

Top 14 Articles of 2014

From non-traditional living options to stricter driving laws in Virginia, we covered a lot of ground in 2014. It was a year that included a new act to help special needs families, enhancements to the Medicaid program, and amazing … [Read more...]

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