What Joe Namath isn’t Telling you About Medicare…

Many of you have seen the Joe Namath commercial talking about the free benefits you can get with Medicare, such as rides to medical appointments, private home aides, delivered home meals, and more. I’m happy to say that the benefits he speaks of are available to eligible clients through my relationship with Medicare Together. They work with all the major carriers in the country and ensure that my clients get the benefits they are entitled to.

What Joe does not talk about is the fact that it is far more important to review your Medicare plan each year to make sure the costs associated with the benefits you use most will stay as low as possible. For example, dental benefits are certainly helpful to have. However, not many people go to the dentist every day. But you probably do take your medications every day.

Most Common Medicare Changes

The most common changes companies make are to their covered drugs.

• Each year, these plans will remove some medications from being covered.
• Each year, these plans may decide to charge more for certain drugs.

For you, that means that you could end up spending more on your medications even though you have made no changes. Keeping your costs down is much more important that getting some potential extra benefits that you may not use.

Schedule a Free Medicare Review

We encourage you to schedule a free Medicare review with the knowledgeable people over at Medicare Together. Click here to schedule your appointment:

Keep in mind that the Medicare annual enrollment period has already begun, so make sure you get your free review done as soon as you can. The deadline is December 7th.

Have a great evening!

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