Medicaid Asset Protection Planning—What are the Goals?

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The goals that families have for doing Medicaid Asset Protection differ from person to person and family to family. However, it is most important to point out that preserving an inheritance for children is most often not the goal. On the contrary, generally for a married couple the most important goal is to ensure that the spouse remaining at home is able to live the remaining years of his or her life in utmost dignity, without having to suffer a drastic reduction in his or her standard of living. For a single or widowed client, the most important goal is typically to be able to enjoy the highest quality of life possible in the event of an extended nursing home stay. When there is an adult child or grandchild who is disabled, the primary goal is typically to protect assets to be used for the benefit of that disabled family member who is often also receiving Medicaid and Social Security Disability benefits.

Money that is protected through proper planning can be used to:

  • provide a nursing home resident with an enhanced level of care and a better quality of life while in a nursing home and receiving Medicaid benefits.
  • to purchase things for the nursing home resident or disabled child that are not covered by Medicaid — such as special medical devices, upgraded wheel chairs, etc.
  • can be left to your children or grandchildren, particularly if there is a disabled child or someone who needs special financial help.

An unmarried applicant may have no more than $2,000 in “countable” assets in his or her name in order to be “resource eligible” for Medicaid. Does this mean that if you need Medicaid assistance, you’ll have to spend nearly all of your assets to qualify? No — there are
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