Why Should Millennials and Gen Zers Care About Estate Planning?

Dear Raider, I’m in my 20’s and have never thought about estate planning. My older sister recently told me at a family gathering that she has her estate planning documents in place. I don’t understand why she would want to do … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Why Should Gen Z’s and Millennials Care about Social Security? 

Dear Oakley,   I was born in 1997 and am therefore considered Gen Z. My wife, who is two years older and a millennial, and I are many decades away from retirement. When it comes to my generation and my wife’s, why should we be … [Read more...]

What Do Different Generations Care Most About in Their Estate Planning?

Q. My daughter, Abby, is 30 and newly married. Similar to many of her friends, Abby and her husband decided to do their estate planning because the coronavirus got them thinking about their mortality. It got me and my husband, who … [Read more...]

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