Pain . . . What Pain? Just Retrain Your Brain!

Maria was cooking in her kitchen when hot oil splashed from a pan onto her hand. Her reaction was a typical one when it comes to pain. She instantly recoiled and ran to the sink to place her hand under cold water from the … [Read more...]

What That Pain Could Really Mean

Kate has been experiencing sharp pain in her left thigh for a couple of weeks. She is a busy caregiver, who doesn’t feel like she has the time to go to the doctor for herself. She attributes the pain to lifting her father into his … [Read more...]

An Alternative Way to Alleviate Chronic Pain

Q. My mother, Grace, suffers from chronic back pain and arthritis. Sometimes, she is so stiff that she cannot move without wincing in pain, and has to stay in bed all day. She has tried everything, including visiting doctors and … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality for Seniors: Traveling Through Time and Reducing Pain

Helen, 83, loved recounting “the good old days” with friends at her assisted living facility. She would talk about her old neighborhood in Roanoke, the neighbors across the street, riding her bicycle with her friends, and swinging … [Read more...]

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