R and M, (Springfield, VA)

I am in my late 30’s and my husband just turned 40. He didn’t think we needed estate planning at our age. After learning about what would happen if we didn’t plan (i.e. probate, our children going to a foster home, etc.), we knew the time was right. Evan and Jeannie are so lovely and welcoming. We loved the pets in the office too. The cats and bunny are cuddly and adorable, and petting them put my husband at ease. You just get a warm feeling when you go to the office. Evan is really knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We felt at ease the moment we entered his office and peace of mind as soon as we left. We cannot recommend the Farr Law Firm enough, and I hope others do their estate planning early, like we did. It is an incredible weight lifted that our children will be provided for and cared for by the loved one of our choice. Also, should something happen to us (such as if one of us became incapacitated) our family will be completely aware of our desires. Thank you Evan and Jeannie.

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