Yellow Dot on Car Can Save Your Life

Q. My wife, Joanne, was recently in a car accident. Luckily, it wasn’t serious. What would happen if one of us were in a serious car accident? How would the emergency personnel know that she is diabetic and that I have Parkinson’s Disease? What if we are hurt or shaken up and cannot communicate with the first responders?
A. A program called the Yellow Dot program is designed to help crash victims, especially seniors, communicate with rescuers during the crucial first 60 minutes after a serious crash that can make the difference between life and death for the critically injured.

Participants in the free program receive a yellow dot to place on their rear window; it alerts emergency services personnel to look for a corresponding yellow folder in the glove box. That folder contains a photograph, a list of medical conditions, prescriptions, and other vital information.
The nation’s first Yellow Dot program began in Connecticut in 2002. Yellow Dot programs, with slight variations from state to state, are in counties scattered across at least eight other states: Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama and New York.
The Yellow Dot program is one of many services offered by TRIAD, a crime prevention program for senior citizens that is designed to keep seniors safe on the road and at home.  There are currently 226 counties (including Fairfax and Spotsylvania Counties), cities, and towns that participate in TRIAD, and most of the programs are available at little to no cost.
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