Critter Corner: What is the Best Father’s Day Gift for a Father Who Is Aging In Place?

We welcome Kiwi and Mango to the Critter Corner team! Read their bios here!

kiwi mangoDear Kiwi and Mango,

Welcome to the Critter Corner team! It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, and I want to get something for my dad who is aging in place. What do you suggest for someone in his situation? Thanks for your help!

Ajin Playce

Dear Ajin,

Thanks for your warm welcome. We’re glad to be part of the Critter Corner team! Our father would likely want a bird toy or nuts or dried fruit, but we’re thinking your dad may enjoy a different type of present!

Not Sure Which Technology to Buy?

If you are still looking for the perfect gift, U.S. News and World Report offers some great information about what seniors need to age in place. In March 2023, they surveyed 2,000 US adults age 55 and older to learn how they are using assistive technologies in their homes and the ways they plan to use these devices to help them age in place.

General aging was the top reason adults 55 and over use health-related technologies. These are some of the devices which have made it easiest to age-in-place, according to the survey:

  1. Medical or health-related mobile apps
  2. Service-related apps (grocery/food delivery)
  3. Wearable medical or health-related trackers
  4. Assistive smart home technologies
  5. Hearing assistance-related technologies
  6. Medical alert system/devices

Of the 47 percent of those surveyed who don’t yet use assistive or health-related technology, 16 percent say it is because they can’t afford the technologies, while 14 percent don’t want to lose their independence. Eighty-eight percent of respondents assert that assistive or health-related technologies have improved their quality of life.

“As the number of adults age 65 and over continues to increase, it’s important to know what they need in order to assist their aging process,” said Kristen Mollica, assistant managing editor at U.S. News 360 Reviews. “Better understanding the technologies that have brought the most value to their lives gives families and businesses an opportunity to best support them.”

Considering a specific item for dad or for your home? U.S. News 360 Reviews offers “product recommendations and reviews you can trust” for a wide variety of items from home security systems to identity theft protection.

For more information about the survey findings discussed above, read the U.S. News & World Report survey results here. For some ideas of senior gifts for aging in place, see Amazon’s gadgets for seniors or some of Mr. Farr’s technology articles!

Hope this is helpful and Happy Father’s Day!

Kiwi and Mango

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