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"When I brought my parents out here ten years ago, we hired the Farr Law Firm on a life time retainer to take care of us. Over the ensuing years, Evan Farr issued precise directions on keeping records, transfers, what to do and not to do within the system, and gave careful advice that provided peace of mind and saved us thousands of dollars in the end. At the end of my mother's life, the paralegal was particularly great, even coming to my mother's wake, which I greatly appreciated. The Farr Law Firm really stuck with me and my family throughout and after.."
- John Robilette (Fairfax, VA)

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Fees for Elder Law | Medicaid Asset Protection

Elder Law and Medicaid Asset Protection Planning

All of our Elder Law fees are flat fees (i.e., not based on hourly billing which encourages inefficiency and rewards inexperience), and you won't be charged for our services* until Evan Farr personally makes his recommendations regarding the appropriate planning level and you agree in writing to our flat fee for the work to be done. 

Our goal is always to help preserve the best possible quality of life for the elders we serve. We offer holistic services that include not only the services of Evan H. Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorney, but also the services of the rest of our firm, including our Estate Planning Paralegal and our Asset Protection Paralegals, all of whom work directly under the supervision of Mr. Farr. 

This type of planning is for families who have a loved one who is already in a nursing home, about to go into a nursing home, or has significant health problems and/or physical limitations that are likely to lead to nursing home care within the next few years.

This level of planning is not based on preparation of specific documents; instead, it's based on providing you with solutions. Although many documents will be prepared as part of this level of planning, for a single or widowed client the goal of this planning level is to maintain the highest possible degree of personal dignity for the remainder of the client's lifetime, in part by protecting the greatest amount of assets in the shortest amount of time possible. Protected assets can be used to purchase goods and services not covered by Medicaid:  goods such as dental work, hearing aids, vision aids, and personal items; services such as a private aide to provide a higher degree of care.  For a married couple, the most important goal of this planning level is to ensure that the spouse who remains at home is able to live the remaining years of his or her life in utmost dignity and does not have to suffer a drastic reduction in his or her standard of living. Some clients also have a desire to leave a modest inheritance for their children, particularly if they have a disabled child or someone who needs special financial help.

Your Asset Protection Plan . . .

Provides  comprehensive Estate Planning, Life Care Planning, and Medicaid Asset Protection Planning. Level 4 Planning also includes completion and filing of the Medicaid application and all documents and actions required to obtain Medicaid. If applicable, this planning level includes Veterans Benefits Planning at no extra charge.

How much we are able to protect through Medicaid Asset Protection varies from client to client and depends on your situation. However, for a single or widowed client, we can typically protect between 40% and 70% of your assets. For a married couple, we can typically protect 100% of your assets.
Your financial investment in our services includes: all appropriate estate planning documents; all appropriate asset protection documents; all research, conferences, telephone calls, email, etc.; supervision of your execution of all documents required under the Plan; and unlimited consultations between you and our attorneys and staff as necessary to design, implement, and carry out to completion your Estate Plan, LifeCare Plan, and Asset Protection Plan consistent with your needs, goals, and desires. We will also assist you with selection of appropriate long-term care facilities and review of all admission documents and contracts.

*An introductory consultation fee applies.