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A New Act to Help Special Needs Families


  Q. My 9-year-old daughter, Noelle, is intellectually disabled. The costs for her therapy and assistive technology are quite high, and we are in the process of applying for government assistance (SSI). Despite our struggles … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Farr Law Firm!


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Is Social Security Going Bankrupt?

Q. In your last newsletter, you discussed the 2014 Trustees Report and the status of Medicare. You only briefly touched upon Social Security. Are there any additional details you can share about Social Security, since the Trustees … [Read more...]

Innovative Programs to Prevent Falls

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that one-third of people over the age of 65 experience a fall each year, accounting for roughly 3 million visits to the ER and almost $30 billion in direct medical costs. The CDC … [Read more...]

The Perils of Dying With No Estate Plan

Q. My lifelong friend, Bruce, is in his 70’s and has never been married and has no children.  His parents and his sister and brother have predeceased him, and he has no nieces or nephews. On his father’s side, he has a cousin, … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Costs Rising Drastically

At least 70% of people over 65 will need long term care services and support at some point in their lifetime. To help families evaluate long-term care options and costs, the insurance company Genworth recently released the 2014 … [Read more...]

Visit Your Parents Often . . . or Else

Lola Wang is a 28-year-old marketing officer in China, who works long hours and rarely takes time off. With her demanding schedule, she can only make two six-hour trips each year to visit her elderly parents. By visiting them so … [Read more...]

Do You Get “High-Quality” Sleep?

A new study involving 2,822 senior men, averaging 76 years old, confirms the link between sleep quality and the development of future cognitive decline. The study, published in the April 1 issue of the journal Sleep, was … [Read more...]

A Healthy Body Starts with a Happy Mind

Self-esteem and confidence issues are often associated with teenagers experiencing growing pains. However, seniors can also experience difficulty with their feelings of worth as they grow older. Studies have shown that self-esteem … [Read more...]

Intelligent Underwear, Smart Shoes, and Other Amazing Innovations for Seniors

For many Americans today, later life provides an opportunity to re-imagine possibilities, learn new skills, and take on new challenges. To address a generation that has challenged conventional wisdom, a major focus at the recent … [Read more...]