Have You Hugged Your Certified Elder Law Attorney Today?

  . . . well, if you haven’t, then maybe you should. Why? Because, today is “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.” “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” falls on the second Tuesday of April every year. This was the date of choice, … [Read more...]

Her Hospital Bracelet Said She Was “Admitted.” But We Found Out After Her Discharge That She Wasn’t.

This question was sent in by J.R., in response to my article about observation status in the March 2016 Golden Gazette.  See also our recent blog posting on this topic:  … [Read more...]

We’re Giving Away My Best-Selling Books

Greetings! Being a Certified Elder Law Attorney is an extraordinarily fulfilling calling. Why? Because every day I and my team provide people the utmost peace of mind that their wishes will be met, their hard-earned assets will … [Read more...]

How to Leave Reviews on Google+, Avvo, and Yelp

The following describes the easy steps to leave a review on our Google+ page, as well as on Avvo.com and Yelp.com. For Google, simply click here and then click “Write a Review” in the top right corner. If you have an account, … [Read more...]

We’re Giving Away My Best-Selling Book. . .

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Be Informed, Entertained, and in the Know.

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Before You Sign a Continuing Care Contract

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), also known as Life Care Communities, offer older adults a spectrum of services and care facilities, typically starting with independent living arrangements, then advancing to assisted … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert: Forgetfulness: When to Call a Doctor

Q. My mother, Meg, has not been herself lately. Last week, when going to the neighborhood post office, she got completely disoriented and lost. She asks the same questions over and over again and often repeats stories. She even … [Read more...]

Happy New Year from the Farr Law Firm!

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Happy Holidays From The Farr Law Firm!

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