The Message of the Pending Asset Transfer Changes: Don’t Delay Medicaid Planning

As you may know, Congress is on the brink of enacting a law that would impose punitive new restrictions on the ability of the elderly to transfer assets before qualifying for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care. (For the … [Read more...]

A Do-It-Yourselfer Costs Beneficiaries Money and Heartache

Here’s another story about a person who tried to create an estate plan without an attorney’s help, and ended up causing huge problems for his beneficiaries. A California man wrote his own will, in which he divvied up his real … [Read more...]

Estate Plans Should Be Reviewed Due to New Medical Privacy Rules

A new federal law on medical privacy is having a big effect on estate planning, and many people should consider reviewing their documents as a result. The law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, … [Read more...]

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