Medicaid-Style Estate Planning

Medicaid-style Estate Planning is designed to provide appropriate comprehensive estate planning along with protection against Medicaid Estate Recovery. It includes everything in Level 1 Planning, plus a specialized Last Will and Testament for each client, and sometimes a specialized Revocable Living Trust for each client.

It also includes retitling of assets, including the family home, in a way to avoid Medicaid Estate Recovery. This may involve the preparation of one or more specialized deeds or revocable trusts, as necessary and appropriate for the situation, and depending on what state you live in, as this planning varies from state to state because the Medicaid rules are different in each state.

Although Medicaid-style Estate Planning is designed to provide protection against Medicaid Estate Recovery, we can not guarantee protection from Medicaid Estate Recovery because any state can change its Medicaid Estate Recovery procedures at any time in the future and become more aggressive.

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