Evan Farr’s New Book Hits #1 on Amazon Best Seller List

Evan H. Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorney and  Medicaid Asset Protection expert, hit #1 on Amazon.com best-seller list yesterday for the fourth time with his newest book, from Allsworth Press, titled “Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones.” 

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On its first day of release (May 23, 2017), Evan H. Farr’s latest book, “Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones,” was a #1 New Release in the Health and Medical Law Category, and also became a #1 Bestseller in the Elder Law Category on Amazon.com. This was his fourth book to reach #1 in four years! His prior Bestsellers were theNursing Home Survival Guide andHow to Protect Your Assets From Probate PLUS Lawsuits PLUS Nursing Home Expenses with the Living Trust Plus™, both from April 2013, and Protect and Defend, which he co-wrote, and which was released in April 2012.

In his latest book, Mr. Farr, a nationally-renowned Best-Selling author and frequent educator of attorneys across the U.S., explains the need to consider both probate and the expenses of long-term care when you create a living trust. He uses his mastery of the subject to educate consumers about Medicaid, including not just his Living Trust Plus, but also numerous other Medicaid asset protection strategies that can be used to prevent a family becoming bankrupt when a loved one enters a nursing home.

Readers can get expert advice and details on diverse topics such as revocable living trusts, the main tool used for protecting your assets from probate. He explains how revocable living trusts are very useful and popular estate planning tools that are recommended by tens of thousands of attorneys across the United States and are used as the central estate planning document by millions of Americans. However, most Americans don’t realize that assets in such trusts are NOT protected from lawsuits or from the limitless expenses associated with nursing homes or long-term care.

He also explains his Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust, which is the only type of self-created asset protection trust that allows you to avoid probate and retain an interest in the trust while also protecting the assets from being counted by state Medicaid agencies. He details the process of avoiding probate and securing assets, including: joint ownership problems; special needs planning; how to pay for the nursing home; why medicaid planning is ethical; the ten most common medicaid myths; and finding the right lawyer.

“Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones” will help to ensure your family does not have to reap the consequences (and expenses) of improperly creating a last will and testament or revocable living trust.

To learn more about Evan Farr, creator of the Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust, and to learn how you can legally and ethically protect you or your client’s assets from nursing home expenses, visit the Farr Law Firm’s website at http://www.FarrLawFirm.com, or call Toll-Free 1-800-399-FARR.

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