Social Security Benefits Available After Death

Most of us are entitled to some form of Social Security benefits. But it is important to realize that Social Security benefits are not paid automatically. You must apply for these benefits on special forms, and certain documents must be furnished at that time. These forms and documents, listed below, must be furnished within a specific TIME LIMIT.

How To Claim (Documents You Need)
1. Social Security Proof of Death
2. Social Security Card for Deceased
3. Copy of Marriage Certificate
4. Birth Certificate of Applicant
5. Birth Certificate of Deceased
6. Birth Certificates of minor children
7. Disability Proof for children over 18
8. Receipted funeral bill (if applicant is other than the surviving spouse)
9. Proof of support if applicant parent or husband

Death Benefit
A lump sum will be made to the surviving spouse if he or she was living in the same household with the insured person at the time of death. If no qualified spouse survives, the payment can be made only to eligible children.

Survivor’s Payments
The widow, dependent widower, children and dependents parents of the decedent may be eligible for monthly survivor’s payments. Contact the social security office near you for additional facts and information. See Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning for more information.

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