John Robilette (Fairfax, VA)

The Health Care system for the aged in the United States is a maze of details, legalisms, and contradictions put together by the congress as result of compromises with special interest groups in Washington.For individuals who are not trained in these complexities, it can be harrowing and even dangerous to their financial security. When I brought my parents out here ten years ago, we hired the Farr Law Firm on a life time retainer to take care of us.Over the ensuing years, Evan Farr issued precise directions on keeping records, transfers, what to do and not to do within the system, and gave careful advice that provided peace of mind and saved us thousands of dollars in the end.My parents were proud and independent people that were pillars in their community. But like so many others, they had outlived their money when they reached their nineties. Thanks to the preparation beforehand, however, they were able to survive with excellent care and dignity until the end of their lives. This was in great part because of the prudent advice of the Farr Law Firm.At the end of my mother’s life, Karen Simpson, the paralegal was particularly great, even coming to my mother’s wake, which I greatly appreciated. The Farr Law Firm really stuck with me and my family throughout and after.
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