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To celebrate the launch of my recent ALI-ABA book entitled “Planning and Defending Asset Protection Trusts,” I held a free 80-minute teleseminar for attorneys on May 14, 2009! All the phone lines for my May 14 Teleseminar filled up very quickly and many people were unable to get on the call, so I had an encore presentation on June 4 and the phone lines still filled up for that teleclass. So now, by popular demand, I’m making the same information available as a free two-part Special Report on Asset Protection Trusts that you can read at your convenience.

roberthaleyAs an elder law colleague of Evan, I know first hand that his well-deserved reputation as a leading elder law attorney in Virginia is, in fact, very much deserved. I have participated in Evan’s lunchtime webinars, I have heard his continuing legal education presentations, and I have come to highly value his advice and counsel on cases. I use his Transfer and Cure Calculator for almost all my crisis planning clients. It’s become an invaluable tool in my practice. Most recently, I was in a small group where Evan went into the details of his Living Trust Plus Asset Protection Trust. Evan has a way of breaking down the issues to the basics and allows an elder law attorney like me to upgrade my knowledge base and the services and strategies I can offer my clients.

– Robert W. Haley, CELA
Bassett, VA

Request and read my free Special Report ant you’ll discover how to supercharge your practice by offering your clients a simple-to-understand asset protection trust that will protect their assets from probate PLUS the financial devastation of lawsuits, divorce, etc. PLUS (and most importantly) the catastrophic expenses of nursing home long-term care . . . and put an extra $70,000 per year in your pocket!  With the coming changes in the estate tax, traditional estate planners MUST expand and enhance their services. Elder Law and Asset Protection (both Medicaid and non-Medicaid) are among the largest growth markets in the law, and both are a natural extension of your existing practice.  Whether you’re an estate planning attorney who would like to expand your practice into traditional asset protection and/or Medicaid asset protection, or an experienced elder law attorney trying to enhance your knowledge about non-Medicaid asset protection, this free teleseminar is for you.

Who am I?  My name is Evan Farr.  I’m a Certified Elder Law Attorney and Certified Estate Advisor with a booming Estate Planning and Elder Law practice in Fairfax, Virginia, and I’m the leading author of the recently-published ALI-ABA book called Planning and Defending Asset Protection Trusts.  My chapter of the book, entitled Asset Protection For The Middle Class, has been called “the definitive treatise on the use of asset protection trusts for middle America. Sales for this book were so successful that ALI-ABA decided to publish my materials as the core of another ALI-ABA Book, entitled “Trusts for Senior Citizens.”

Free Two-Part Special Report on Asset Protection Trusts

But I’m not writing to you today to try to sell you one of the ALI-ABA book.  On the contrary, I’ve actually taken most of the information and turned it into a Two-Part Special Report on Asset Protection Trusts that I’d like to give you for FREE. Here’s a sample of some of the things I cover in my free Two-Part Special Report on Asset Protection Trusts:

•  Why nursing homes are far and away the single most likely creditor, and one of the most expensive creditors, that the average American is likely to face in his or her lifetime, and why most asset protection “gurus,” by ignoring this fact, are completely out of touch with 99.7% of the population.

•  My step-by-step system for creating and funding an Asset Protection Trust in your state that will protect the assets of your clients from probate PLUS lifetime creditors PLUS nursing home expenses!

•  Why this trust is the ONLY type of Asset Protection Trust that can protect the assets of your clients from general creditors AND is exempt for Medicaid purposes when your clients wind up needing nursing home care.

•   The secret of how these Asset Protection Trusts can be used by wealthy clients who want to preserve their wealth AND, even more importantly, by middle class clients who want to preserve their dignity and quality of life when nursing home care becomes an unfortunate reality.

•  The 5 types of assets that should be funded into these Asset Protection Trusts, and the 2 types of assets that shouldn’t be.

•  The surprising answers to the following questions:

– Can the Settlor act as trustee of the trust, even though the trust is irrevocable?
– Can the Settlor be given the power to remove a trustee?
– Can the Settlor be given the power to change the beneficiaries of the trust?

•  The #1 best way to teach prospective clients about these Asset Protection Trusts so  they’ll be lining up for you to be their attorney!

•  A simple technique for generating huge ongoing annual fees and gaining loyal lifetime clients.

•  And a whole lot more.

Don’t Delay! Sign up Now to Get the Result of My Many Years of In-depth Asset Protection Research

I know what this two-part Special Report will do for you, because the information and principles I will be sharing have drastically enhanced my law practice and my quality of life, as well as the quality of life of my clients.  And I really don’t want you to miss this incredible opportunity!

I Know You’re Skeptical – We Attorneys Always Are

Why, you wonder, am I giving away all this valuable information for free? There are two reasons. First, I truly want to share this vital information with all of my fellow estate planning and elder law attorneys because the tremendous lack of knowledge on this topic hurts all of us.  It hurts you because you’re not able to offer your clients what they really need; it hurts your clients because they’re not able to get from you what they need; and it hurts me because my clients are always asking “Why haven’t I ever heard about this before?  Why didn’t my old attorney tell me about this?”  Plus, there are millions of potential clients out there who can benefit from  this revolutionary knowledge, and I certainly can’t provide service to all of them. I’m doing all this for the same reason I teach frequent CLE courses on this topic – because I truly enjoy spreading the word so that all of the potential clients out there who need this service can be reached.

Also, as I’ll explain in detail in Part 1 of my Special Report, I’ve created a system that dozens of Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys around the country are already using to enhance their existing practices by adding the ability to offer clients these types of asset protection trusts. If you who want to take your practice to the next level, you’ll have a chance to sign up for this system also.

My FREE Two-Part Special Report on Asset Protection Trusts is guaranteed to enhance your law practice, increase your bottom line, and permanently change your outlook on asset protection! All you have to do is ask for it!

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