What is a Lifestyle Care Plan and Why Do You Need One?

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Laurie’s late mother, Judy, and older sister, Cheryl, had dementia. If Laurie suffered the same fate, she wanted to make sure her family would know her needs and wishes. Laurie does not want in-home care — she wants to be cared for in the same facility that cared for her sister, if possible. Laurie also wants her iPod with her favorite music on it to be available and a daily bag of her favorite indulgence, M&Ms, to be provided to her. To her children, these requests seemed silly at the time she made them, but when her mental capacities did diminish, the instructions were there. No one had to wonder if they should try to take care of Laurie at home and how they would do it. Without guilt or question, they placed her in the facility she requested to take care of her needs. All they had to do was make loving visits, and of course make sure she had her iPod and M&Ms.

Laurie had what is known as a Lifestyle Care Plan, also known as an Advance Care Plan, in place. As we age, our ability to live and care for ourselves will decline. Many of us will require and depend on others to assist and care for us. The Lifestyle Care Plan will take away the guess work from your future caregivers. It will provide the information others need to know in the event you are ever in their care and unable to communicate effectively due to stroke, dementia, accident or illness.

The Lifestyle Care Plan is a document that is created by special software that gathers, organizes, stores and disseminates information provided by you in an interview, in order to guide those who you will depend or for future care. The Lifestyle Care Plan identifies your specific needs, desires, habits and preferences and incorporates all of this information into a document that your future caregiver can use to provide you with the best possible long-term care.

The Lifestyle Care Plan provides a way for you to ensure that this critical information is available to your caregiver when needed, and it provides a total picture of you a person and guides your caregiver in your treatment. Because of the importance of the Lifestyle Care Plan, the Farr Law Firm provides one to all of our clients as part our comprehensive Lifetime Planning services. To learn more about the benefits of having an Advance Care Plan, please click here or visit our Web site here Do you have your incapacity planning documents in place? If not, please call 703-691-1888 to make an appointment at The Fairfax and Fredericksburg Elder Law Firms of Evan H. Farr, P.C. for a consultation.

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