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Being a Certified Elder Law Attorney is an extraordinarily fulfilling calling. Why? Because every day I and my team provide people the utmost peace of mind that their wishes will be met, their hard-earned assets will be protected, and their quality of life will be preserved.  Most of our clients come to us in some type of pain — whether physical pain, cognitive decline, caregiver burnout, or emotional distress. This pain may stem from the physical and/or mental decline of a parent of other loved one, fear of catastrophic nursing home and medical expenses, or just fear of an unknown and uncertain medical and/or financial future.  It is truly a joy for us to be able relieve this pain of our clients.  For me and the rest of our team here at the Farr Law Firm, there is nothing more rewarding than giving our time and expertise every day to truly help others overcome pain and distress.

Now, here’s a question for you . . . how do you think we’re doing?

Take just a few minutes to review us . . . and get up to 3 different Autographed Best-Selling Books as a thank-you!

For clients, professional colleagues, newsletter readers, and seminar attendees, your feedback is extremely helpful for us as a firm, and to let others know about the services we provide at the Farr Law Firm. That’s why I’m giving away autographed copies of my 3 best-selling books to anyone who provides a review or testimonial about the Farr Law Firm.

My 3 best-selling books are:

  1. How to Protect Your Assets from Probate PLUS lawsuits PLUS Nursing Home Expenses;
  2. Nursing Home Survival Guide;
  3. Protect and Defend

It is so easy and will take just a few minutes of your time. For simple instructions on how to post a review, click on the following links: Google, Avvo, Yelp.  If you post a review in one place, you can choose one book. If you post in two, choose two books. If you post in all 3, we will send you all three books as a token of our appreciation. It really is simple! Once you post, simply e-mail to let her know where you’ve posted and which book(s) you would like.

Thanks so much in advance!

Evan H. Farr, CELA, CAP

P.S. If you’d prefer to leave a review over the phone or via email, or need help navigating the technical stuff, please contact Renee Eder, our public relations director, at or call our office at 703-691-1888

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About Evan H Farr, CELA, CAP

Evan H. Farr is a 4-time Best-Selling author in the field of Elder Law and Estate Planning. In addition to being one of approximately 500 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Country, Evan is one of approximately 100 members of the Council of Advanced Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is a Charter Member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners.


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