How Can Patient Advocates Help on Your Health Care Journey?

Q. I recently came across a Next Avenue article where a 72-year-old woman was told she had a benign brain tumor and needed surgery. The surgery was supposed to be simple, and the family was told she’d recover quickly, but things … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: How Do You Effectively Advocate for Yourself in the Hospital?

Dear Hayek, My father is undergoing treatments in the hospital. He depends on me when I am there, but I can’t be around as often as I would like to be because of my job. My father still has his wits about him, but he is … [Read more...]

Should I Hire a Geriatric Care Manager or a Patient Advocate?

by Carol Marak, A Patient Advocate can assist anyone of any age – not limited to someone who is elderly, or at least over a ‘certain age,’ as a geriatric case manager would be. A Geriatric Care Manager does … [Read more...]

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