3 tips to effectively talk to your senior Parents about their driving skills

The family members of seniors may be in the best position to monitor and keep track of the seniors roadway safety. There are more Seniors on the road now than ever. Consumer Reports Health recently pointed out that the number of licensed drivers aged 70 and above is on the rise. According to a recent Senior Journal article, people with dementia have little trouble passing driving tests. As a result, families of seniors play an important role in ensuring that their driving capabilities are up-to-par.
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Tip 1: Keep the Mood Light.
The first tip involves your approach to the conversation. Keep the atmosphere light, and communicate that you are concerned because you care. Explain why you are inquiring the matter. If possible, arrange for other family members or a family doctor to engage in the conversation as well. The larger the support group, the better.
Tip 2: Do Your Homework.
Did you know that some states have special requirements specific to older drivers? If a state law applies to your parent, it may be a way to have the person’s skills assessed in an objective manner. You can start your research here, (
Tip 3: Make a Plan and Consider Alternative Methods of Transportation
If you start a conversation with your parent about their inability to drive safely, your parent may initially seem defensive. No one likes to hear that they can’t do something as well as they used to. It may be helpful to present to your parent a well-thought out plan to demonstrate mobility is still possible.
*Tips based in part from the AAA Foundation, How to Help an Older Driver

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