The Grabulis Brothers (Alexandria, VA)

“From the initial meetings with Mr. Evan Farr and Mrs. Jeannie Farr to the subsequent discussions and meetings with Ms. Grace Everitt, the Farr Law Firm lived up to its first class reputation and very high expectations of providing timely and quality services to its customers. Our mother is now in a safe, positive and secure environment. Her situation was unique and required a bit more effort and attention to detail but the Farr Law Firm stepped up to the plate. Our mother lived her entire life in Germany and only recently came to live her final years in this country to be near her sons; however, her pension was from multiple sources in Germany. This complicated matters, especially for the Medicaid application, but the Farr Law Firm stepped up to the plate and successfully communicated with the German sources despite the language barrier and hit a home run. Our mother’s Medicaid application was submitted and approved in circa 90 days. A big Thank You to Evan and Jeannie and a special Thank You to Ms. Grace Everitt. She met the challenge with a huge smile from the get-go and we always knew we were in good hands. Danke schon Grace!”
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