Silver Spring, Maryland
Together with my family, we chose the Farr Law Firm to help us assess and reformulate our family resources to best assist our parents' needs. We also needed help, guidance, and much assistance with addressing our mother's needs related to her advanced dementia.We found the team approach at the Farr Law Firm to be a tremendous help. They reviewed our current financial standing, made recommendations culminating in a specific actionable plan and either spearheaded or guided us towards what needed to be done to implement the plan. The firm's knowledge of eldercare law is super - I would go to them for future needs without question.The Farr Law Firm's creation and implementation of the part of the plan that involved securing Medicaid-approved status for our mom was nothing short of extraordinary. I would return to them for our future Medicaid needs with full confidence that we would be able to achieve our Medicaid-related goals again.The day-to-day progress on all of our goals was terrific. Various members of the team would assist us immediately - it rarely took longer than an hour to receive a reply to our very detailed questions, and often it was much quicker. They went above and beyond when we needed logistical help.In total, the time it took from the day we reached out to the day we completed our goals of financial restructuring and Medicaid approval for our mom was only approximately 3-½ months, spanning the winter holidays as well. This, too, was astounding. It was a marathon for us, but they were there every step of the way.I would return to them for future needs, no doubt about it!
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About Evan Farr

Evan H. Farr is a 4-time Best-Selling author in the field of Elder Law and Estate Planning. In addition to being one of approximately 500 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Country, Evan is one of approximately 100 members of the Council of Advanced Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is a Charter Member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners.