Critter Corner: Spending Forever with Your Pet

Dear Saki and Alley,
I am very attached to my cat, Jessie. We have been through thick and thin together. When I die, I would like to be buried with her. Is this a possibility?
Mike Att-Forever
Dear Mike,
62% of households own and love pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish and more. When it comes to cats, we can completely understand how you would want to spend forever with yours!
Unfortunately, most states either have laws specifically prohibiting pets and humans from being buried together or are silent on the issue.  However, if you live in Virginia, you may be in luck. A bill passed in 2014 permits cemeteries to have clearly marked sections where pets and humans may be buried alongside one another.  However, the pet must have been a companion animal under Virginia law and must have its own casket.
Other states that allow residents to be buried with a pet include New York and New Jersey. In these states, however, this can only occur in a pet cematery. Although the laws of most other states prohibit burying pets in human cemeteries, funeral directors exercise discretion when it comes to placing cremated remains of a much-loved pet in people’s coffins. For more details on pet-human burials, click here.
Many of us who think of our pets as family members want to ensure that they are cared for after we become incapable of doing so. One way to fulfill this responsibility is to set up a pet trust, which is a legally sanctioned arrangement that provides for the care and maintenance of your pet(s) in the event of your disability or death. For more details, read the Pet Trust FAQ on our Website. To set up a pet trust, or if you need to do planning for yourself or your loved ones, please make an appointment at the Farr Law Firm for a consultation.
Saki and Alley
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Renee Eder is the Director of Public Relations for the Farr Law Firm, and gives the voice to the Critters of Critter Corner. Renee’s poodle, Penny, is an official comfort dog who she and her children bring to visit with seniors who are in the early stages of dementia at a local senior home once a month.

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