Natural Disasters Prompt Proper Planning

Where were you, when the “Big One” hit?

Well, that’s one way to “shake up” your week! For us East Coasters, Tuesday’s earthquake was certainly an unexpected surprise, and a “big one” for our area. We were all fortunate to have avoided any serious damage or injuries, although we did witness some minor structural damage here in Fairfax. At the time that the quake hit, we had clients in the office waiting to sign their estate planning documents who were promptly interrupted by Mother Nature! By the time we all made it back inside (some a little more shaken than others) I can safely say that I have never seen two people more eager to sign their estate planning documents. You might even think we had arranged such an event to drive home the importance of being properly prepared, but even we couldn’t have orchestrated that timing.

For some, it was immediately obvious that the earth-shaking was an earthquake, but for others more sinister thoughts flashed through their minds–visions of gas explosions, nuclear bombs, and terrorist attacks. With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 just weeks away, it wouldn’t be such a leap of assumption for those of us living in the Capitol Region. Workers at the Pentagon were later quoted as saying that the initial rumblings felt and sounded exactly like the moment that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon ten years ago.

Now that the quake is done and over, we’re all back to our daily lives. But wait–there’s a hurricane headed our way? Just more incentive to make sure that you are always prepared, for anything. Many of our clients are prompted by events in their lives to come in for estate planning services, such as the sudden loss of a loved one (and all the unfortunate legal and financial complications that can go along with it) or a diagnosis in the doctor’s office. But clearly, natural disasters should not be overlooked either.

I wish everyone a safe and dry weekend, wherever you are!

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