The “Power” of Peace of Mind

Incapacity Planning is perhaps the most fundamental type of estate planning and yet it is also the most important.  Life is unpredictable; even someone in perfect health can become incapacitated from an accident or unforeseen medical condition.  If the unthinkable should happen, who would be in charge of making the most important decisions related to you or a loved one’s health and/or financial matters?  The answer to this question is determined by your power of attorney planning documents.

Since power of attorney documents are so important, it is critical that they are not outdated.  If your documents were not prepared by a licensed attorney, you should give us a call to schedule a free initial consultation.  You should also give us a call if it has been several years since they were created, or if you have gone through significant life changes.  Send us a message to get the process started here.

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