Evan Farr Teaches Course for Elder Law Attorneys Natonwide

~You Can Sign Up for a Similar Course for Consumers~

Last Thursday, Evan Farr conducted a national, attorney-only teleconference sponsored by the National Business Institute (NBI) on the topic of the Income Only Trust — an asset protection trust which, though very similar to a revocable living trust, when done properly protects assets transferred to it after five years in connection with Medicaid.

Here’s an article written about Evan’s seminar and about the income-only trust: .

This is the 2nd national teleseminar that Evan Farr has done for NBI on this topic. Evan has also done a similar national teleseminar for ALI-ABA (American Law Institute – American Bar Association), in connection with two recent scholarly publications for the legal profession published by ALI-ABA, with Evan Farr as the lead author, entitled Planning and Defending Asset Protection Trusts and Trusts for Senior Citizens.

If you’d like to attend a similar seminar for consumers, we still have openings for our 2 lunch seminars this week — on Tuesday and Thursday at noon. To register, please click the link to the right or call 703-691-1888 and speak to Jeannie.

For more information about the Income Only Trust, and about Evan Farr’s Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust (which is Evan’s highly-developed and perfected Income Only Trust, used by dozens of attorneys across the country), please visit

Every day, our firm helps clients protect significant assets through the use of the Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust and still qualify for Medicaid. Our Firm specializes in Asset Protection and Estate Planning for clients concerned about the devastating expenses of long-term care. To begin the process, please call us today at 703-691-1888.

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About Evan H Farr, CELA, CAP

Evan H. Farr is a 4-time Best-Selling author in the field of Elder Law and Estate Planning. In addition to being one of approximately 500 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the Country, Evan is one of approximately 100 members of the Council of Advanced Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and is a Charter Member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners.

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